What a Productive day!

by Felipa Villegas, 10:30 PM

Today I woke up feeling like P.Diddy. ha! No I didn’t but I will reference another song. I felt like today was going to be a good day. To my surprise it really was a good day. Totally needed that! I did my french homework and read for my communication class. Didn’t do statistics because I want do that tomorrow to keep it fresh in my head for Wednesday’s test. Actually did something for my Residential Hall. Jessica and I made posters that will hang in the great room. I feel accomplished. I totally did my part this time. Had Panda Express for Breakfast/Lunch and Chicken Nuggets and a Salad for dinner. Watched the Buried Life and My Life as Liz. Hoping that class gets canceled tomorrow but I doubt it. Although the weather man said it would start snowing around 3a.m. so I’m having a little hope here. I can’t wait to watch some more Olympic Hockey. It would be so legit if USA wins the Gold. Mavs Won! :). Ok enough ranting for today.

Peace, Love, & Music.

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