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First youtube video :) Enjoy :) Subscribe to my channel and to my tumblr :)

Re-blog please :)

Everyone's getting sick.

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Finally I can stay awake! I had been feeling under the weather since Saturday. It was rainy and what do I decide to do? Oh yeah, spend like 6 hours at the American Airlines Center sitting next to the ridiculously cold ice! Sunday was my 21st birthday and I didn’t even get to enjoy it! I was asleep most of the day as well as Monday.


Today is Tuesdays and I woke up to the news about the UT shooter. What a sad and scary story  to be hearing. I have lots of friends that go there so I was very concern. I then got to thinking what if this were to happen at UTA? It’s a scary thought but also very possible. I hope my school has a plan in case God forbid this ever happen. Going to campus tomorrow even though I don’t go to UT it’s still makes me a little paranoid.

Oh yeah! I started a new YouTube channel which I will post more details about in another post.

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Everything Is You- Eli Young Band

I treated you like an angel..

I love this song!

On my death bed.

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I blame the Dallas Stars! Beyond sick and can’t enjoy the gorgeous weather outside! My head feels like it has its own pulse! It’s that intense.

I’ll keep y’all posted!

Hey everyone!

So I’m totally excited about the fair this year! Why you may ask? Well, because I’m going to the fair with some of my best friends in the world! That’s why! Plus, we are going Texas/OU Weekend which just makes that much exciting! Oh don’t forget the food either! The fair opens this TODAY! I’m going next weekend and it’s going to be the most rad experience ever! I know I’ve been to the fair since I was born and you’d think I wouldn’t be this excited for it but I am. My goal is to only spend $100, last year I went a little crazy and spent close to $500 but that doesn’t compare to one year where I spent near $1000…yeah I know crazy! Well the food I’m looking forward to eating this year is the Fried Frito Pie, Fletcher’s Corny Dog, and maybe a beer, frozen and fried margarita or two.  PLUS! Eli Young Band will be there to sing that day! AWESOMENESS! 

Here’s what I’ll be wearing that day as well as my friends:

                                                                                                     State Fair Attire

For The Record: I will be of age (21) the day I go to the fair so I’ll be able to consume alcoholic beverages..nothing illegal going down just FYI. I turn 21 on Sunday! Woop Woop.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows new trailer premiere…NO BIG DEAL!

Has anyone else seen this story on the news? Well I saw it last night on ABC’s show Nightline. I didn’t pay much attention until this morning on Good Morning America. There was a journalism student doing a story for class that involved Apple. She tried to get in contact with the Media Relations part of the Apple Company and never received and email, so she decides to e-mail the big man! No I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about Steve Jobs, the founder and creator or Apple. You know the iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, iTunes, iMac, etc etc. Well she emailed him at his personal email (very discreet huh?). She wanted to know why they(Media Relations) didn’t respond promptly. He emailed her back saying with so many customers (300 million customers) there’s no way to respond. She said if they could because a certain assignment was to be due the next day. Jobs responded with we can’t make you get a good grade. The girl emailed back saying she didn’t want a better grade just a response. The last email from Jobs said “Leave us alone.” I thought this was funny. As they should the email exchange on the news it shows where the student emailed him from a BlackBerry. I think that was mistake number ONE! Hello the man invented the iPhone! At least try to be relevant. I feel bad for the journalism student, well because I’m in a journalism class right now. I think Steve Jobs could have been nicer in his response but he can finally be bully after years of he possibly being intimidated for being a nerd. He’s worth $5.5 Billion he’s allowed to be mean.

I think I’m being biased mostly because I’m an Apple product junkie! I have the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple TV. My next purchase might just be the iPad and the iMac. He takes a lot of my money to say the least. Don’t even get me started with iTunes and MobileMe.

Well I thought I would share this little story that has gotten national news over a few email exchange between the journalism student and Steve Jobs.


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It’s just the fourth week of school and there are papers, quizzes, and reading from here to China! Too much! Thank God for music, hockey games and work to keep me a little sane! 

Here is some music I have on my iPod Playlist for this week! Enjoy! 

  1. Better Thank Her- Matisse featuring Akon

  2. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer

  3. Stuck With Each Other- Shontelle Featuring Akon

  4. Just A Dream- Nelly

  5. Like a G6- Far East Movement

  6. Mine- Taylor Swift

  7. ET- Katy Perry

  8. Last Friday Night (TGIF)- Katy Perry

  9. Animal- Neon Trees

  10. Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland

  11. Love Like Whoa- The Ready Set

  12. Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars

  13. Our Kind of Love- Lady Antebellum

  14. As She’s Walking Away- Zach Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson

  15. A Little More Stronger- Sera Evans

  16. The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert

GE X5 camera...I geeked out just a little.

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Ge Power Pro Series X5 Bridge Digital Camera 14MP, 15X Optical Zoom, 2.7”LCD, Ois, 27mm wide angle lens, 3200 Iso with advanced features such as Auto Scene Detection, Pan-Capture Panorama, Smile&Blink Detection, Face Tracking, Red-Eye Removal, Auto LCD. 

Yup. That’s the camera I purchased from Walmart for only $166 with 2 day shipping. It’s getting to my house either tomorrow or Thursday…. People just don’t understand how excited I am about digital cameras….UPS man is going to have to speed it up!

Heres how it looks:

                                                                              GE X5

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I can’t find my other photo’s but they are somewhere in my computer.

Today I decided that I will attempt to take a good photo with the Dallas Stars young player Jaime Benn. It’s one of my many goals as is taking a picture with Brad Richards (this one is going to be a little harder). I have recently purchased tickets to 2 games this season. One for a preseason game against the Colorado Avalanche next Friday. The other game is for November 3 against the Pittsburgh Penguins (I really just want to finally meet Sidney Crosby). I might also be going to the regular season opener against the Detroit Red Wings. I want to see Mike Modano kinda. It was about time hockey season started! I’ve been having withdrawals but this also applies to basketball!

Totally different sport BUT yesterday my favorite tennis player won the US Open! Vamos Rafael Nadal!

I will post a few pictures after this post, plus another post because I have to talk about something ├╝ber awesome!

one forty plus: To The Fans

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Thank you all so much for making the Battle Studies tour such a huge success and a pleasure. I’m going to miss seeing your faces every night. Thanks for singing along. And for accepting me. You don’t know how good that feels. And thanks for the signs, the clever, funny, awesome signs. And for…

Probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too….AC/DC concert and my very first Backstreet Boys concert :)

one forty plus: To The Fans

Jonas Brothers Concert

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Well wasn’t that a pleasant experience. There were so many Tweens there! Now that I’m getting close to 21 years old I noticed my hearing is going bad (probably has to do with my iPod but whatever)! I had to help greet the VIP’s… They were out of control! The screaming the crying! Blah! The best part of the concert had to be seeing Demi Lovato trip twice while doing her set. It was a long night. I wonder if they got up for school. Dave Mathews Band was epic. That is all.

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DJing from the bathroom using djay remote. Sweet release! #TMI #DealWithIt #endoftourparty

Love this man.

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Jesse McCartney’s New Single- “Shake”


This really has to be the longest day I have ever lived through where it wouldn’t stop raining!

It all started this morning at 5:30am which is when I woke up to get ready to make my drive to Arlington for school. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I didn’t make it past 5 miles from my house when I decided to turn around and go home and avoid all the traffic! I was on the highway for 43 minutes (that’s how long it usually takes to get to Arlington)! When I got home I watched the news then realized there was a lot of flooding all over the metroplex. 

It just kept raining….IT WAS NEVER ENDING RAIN!

Then, 5pm came and that’s when the tornado sirens just kept going off for about 20 minutes all over Dallas County! I could see the dark ominous clouds as they approached my house (this sentence sounds like a line out of novel..Ha!). 

Well that was my day. I’d rather not repeat this day EVER again, but then again I do live in Texas so I’d guess I better deal with it. 

Here’s a photo for your viewing pleasure.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Don’t have a clue why I love this photo.

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GPOYW - A Self Portrait of The Artist Three Days Before His Metaphoric Retirement

And this is why you should follow John Mayer on Tumblr….You get photos like this one!

The John Mayer concert on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at the Center in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas was so EPIC! I know today is Tuesday and I’m barely writing about it. Well I was making sure I had everything correct before writing without all the information. It was a wonderful Saturday night for a concert outdoors! I sat in the lawn because I had free tickets from my job (beats having to pay $45 for lawn tickets). The opening act was Owl City. He had a good performance considering the audio usually is sub par to the actual headliner. I only knew ONE song of his so I wasn’t paying very much attention. Then, after a 35 minute set and a 15 minute intermission, John Mayer FINALLY came out to wow the crowd! I loved the 2 and a half hour concert consisting of 19 songs and a few minutes of his wittiness and wisdom. His playlist: Chest Fever, Vultures, No Such Thing, Perfectly Lonely, Ain’t No Sunshine, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Heartbreak Warfare, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, 3x5, Your Body is a Wonderland, Why Georgia, Voodoo Child, Who Says, Gravity, Do You Know Me, Half of My Heart, Don’t Stop Believing, Warning Sign and for the encore performance he sang Edge of Desire. He is a wonderful singer and GREAT an AMAZING guitarist! He also did a mini tribute to one of his heroes and Dallas’ own Stevie Ray Vaughn. As a fan I did purchase a few merchandise items. Artist really know how to make fans broke! A $30 tour t-shirt and $10 silly bandz. If any of you who are currently reading this blog ever get the chance to see John Mayer live in you city or town PLEASE go see him! Many might not like him because of his personality or what have you, but if you want to see a real artist in concert with like I said before AMAZING guitar skills and vocal abilities then GO SEE HIM!

You can view a 12 minute video from portions of the songs he sang that night right below this post.

Here is the video that played while he was singing “Edge of Desire”:

One last thing: John Mayer’s Tumblr read it! He’s pretty interesting.

[vimeo 14716939 w=500 h=281]

John Mayer Live in Concert! Battle Studies Tour in Dallas Texas!

I had always noticed that when I go into a room that has the light on I tend to turn it off then on again. I do this EVERY TIME! Only in my house though. I also do the same with those lamps that have the 3 settings. I turn it on all the way then off then on again, but the second time I leave it on. The “problem” is only with lights though. My mom noticed today as i walked into the kitchen turned off the lights and then on again. She said she has noticed me doing this before. I don’t do this purposely it’s more of an odd habit/routine I suppose. When I’m a school or sitting at a table with pencils, pens, paper, etc I’ve noticed I never place them straight up and down, or should I say vertically? Well I always place them an angle. This I believe is probably because I’m right handed. I hate when a label of a Starbucks cup, water bottle or soft drink doesn’t face me directly. I always rotate them.


Writing this entry made me realize I could possibly have a bit of OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and maybe even be my own Dr. Phil! Ha!

P.S.: Tomorrow is going to be GRAND! JOHN MAYER CONCERT!

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