I had always noticed that when I go into a room that has the light on I tend to turn it off then on again. I do this EVERY TIME! Only in my house though. I also do the same with those lamps that have the 3 settings. I turn it on all the way then off then on again, but the second time I leave it on. The “problem” is only with lights though. My mom noticed today as i walked into the kitchen turned off the lights and then on again. She said she has noticed me doing this before. I don’t do this purposely it’s more of an odd habit/routine I suppose. When I’m a school or sitting at a table with pencils, pens, paper, etc I’ve noticed I never place them straight up and down, or should I say vertically? Well I always place them an angle. This I believe is probably because I’m right handed. I hate when a label of a Starbucks cup, water bottle or soft drink doesn’t face me directly. I always rotate them.


Writing this entry made me realize I could possibly have a bit of OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and maybe even be my own Dr. Phil! Ha!

P.S.: Tomorrow is going to be GRAND! JOHN MAYER CONCERT!

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