Everyone's getting sick.

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Finally I can stay awake! I had been feeling under the weather since Saturday. It was rainy and what do I decide to do? Oh yeah, spend like 6 hours at the American Airlines Center sitting next to the ridiculously cold ice! Sunday was my 21st birthday and I didn’t even get to enjoy it! I was asleep most of the day as well as Monday.


Today is Tuesdays and I woke up to the news about the UT shooter. What a sad and scary story  to be hearing. I have lots of friends that go there so I was very concern. I then got to thinking what if this were to happen at UTA? It’s a scary thought but also very possible. I hope my school has a plan in case God forbid this ever happen. Going to campus tomorrow even though I don’t go to UT it’s still makes me a little paranoid.

Oh yeah! I started a new YouTube channel which I will post more details about in another post.

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