Has anyone else seen this story on the news? Well I saw it last night on ABC’s show Nightline. I didn’t pay much attention until this morning on Good Morning America. There was a journalism student doing a story for class that involved Apple. She tried to get in contact with the Media Relations part of the Apple Company and never received and email, so she decides to e-mail the big man! No I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about Steve Jobs, the founder and creator or Apple. You know the iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, iTunes, iMac, etc etc. Well she emailed him at his personal email sjobs@apple.com (very discreet huh?). She wanted to know why they(Media Relations) didn’t respond promptly. He emailed her back saying with so many customers (300 million customers) there’s no way to respond. She said if they could because a certain assignment was to be due the next day. Jobs responded with we can’t make you get a good grade. The girl emailed back saying she didn’t want a better grade just a response. The last email from Jobs said “Leave us alone.” I thought this was funny. As they should the email exchange on the news it shows where the student emailed him from a BlackBerry. I think that was mistake number ONE! Hello the man invented the iPhone! At least try to be relevant. I feel bad for the journalism student, well because I’m in a journalism class right now. I think Steve Jobs could have been nicer in his response but he can finally be bully after years of he possibly being intimidated for being a nerd. He’s worth $5.5 Billion he’s allowed to be mean.

I think I’m being biased mostly because I’m an Apple product junkie! I have the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple TV. My next purchase might just be the iPad and the iMac. He takes a lot of my money to say the least. Don’t even get me started with iTunes and MobileMe.

Well I thought I would share this little story that has gotten national news over a few email exchange between the journalism student and Steve Jobs.

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