Dish Network is the Devil!

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I have a bone to pick with a little satellite provider named Dish Network! I can’t believe they are having issues with Fox again. I’m a sports junkie and was devastated when I heard Dish Network didn’t renew the contract to be able to broadcast FSN (Fox Sports Network). I will not be able to see the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars (61 games are being played on FSN), Texas Rangers, or Big 12 Football. To make matters worse they announced that if a contract can’t be resolved or reached they will also take off KDFW Fox4….What about my Dallas Cowboys…NFL Football Sunday?!?! This is getting out of control! They did the same thing to me and every other Dish customer last season when they decided not to carry or blackout 45 Dallas Stars games. The only reason I have Dish is because it is one of the cheapest cable/satellite providers in the metroplex. Sports channels are $8 and includes FSN(well it used to), NHL Network, NBA Network, Tennis, Golf, and NFL Redzone. I know other companies don’t include all these channels for that little. I have sent e-mails and have made phone calls to them many times complaining about these issues and usually are with the sports channels. They always give customers the runaround and blame it on the broadcasting companies. I’m sick of their customer service. Free local channels and HD free for life does little for me when I can’t see my teams play. I heard similar issues are occurring with Time Warner Cable and their contract with WFAA channel 8. These big companies just want cheap programming yet make the customer pay ridiculous high premiums to watch television. Give what the people want and maybe these cable/satellite providers would have satisfied customers. I am not a happy camper with my provider. I guess I’ll be looking to switch unless Dish and get it together and give me what I paid for. 

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