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Why- Jason Aldean 

No copyright infringement intended.

Reblog if you live here!

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I want to follow all of you!

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Outfit of the Day. Blazer from Zara, graphic shirt forever21, vintage Chanel bag, dark rinse Joe’s jeans and Steve Madden Sandals.

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photo by Dom, shot with G12

When your crush walks past you

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Your Friend: “Lemme go talk to him/her & see if he/she likes you”


Your friend: *starts walking towards him/her*



lolololol, brb DYING.


MUST be following me!


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Look how adorable he is. Interview him more, dammit.

Weight loss progress..

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Pretty frustrating that in 2 and 1/2 weeks I was able to lose 12.2LBS and now nothing! Well like .6LBS, which for me is a disappointment. Just because it’s spring break I won’t let it mess with my weight loss goal, so I’ll be staying away from those tasty Smirnoff Triple Filtered Ice. :( It’s worth it though. I’ll also be writing another blog about why people should support hockey in Texas and most importantly why people need to be watching the Dallas Stars; that will be written tomorrow.


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"The best part of BELIEVE is the LIE."

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I call it “Numbers”- it’s a painting made up of specific numbers, specifically my favorite players in the NHL and NBA.

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I call it “Love is War” an original painting.


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Keep Calm and start believing

40 days of Lent.

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I’ve given up fast food. I will only eat salads for dinner and chocolate milk for breakfast. Only Raw Food. Let’s do this! Bam! 

What are y’all giving up for Lent?

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That gap between your thighs, that’s what I want…

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New Loui interview. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement.


So excited for Spring Break to get here! It’s been an ok semester but I need a break. I’m gonna miss going to the gym though :/. Update on that is that in 2 weeks with Jillian Michaels 30 Shred I have lost nearly 12lbs. Yay! Looking into some new apts in Arlington hopefully I can move in and work there.

P.S. Go Mavs! Go Stars! :)

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