Let me start by saying that I did not buy this album just because of the movie or novel. I bought it because I’m a huge fan of Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift. Why does that matter? Well, because they released new songs only available on the soundtrack. I thought that this soundtrack was going to be a variety of genre music, because of the mixture of artists. There’s Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Kid Cudi, The Civil Wars, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert and many others. Talk about a range of musical differences!

This album is actually full of folky music! Something that was interesting, but so fitting of the novel. If you go through the album song by song, it’s literally a song for every character, although mainly revolving around how Katniss sees District 12’ the other Districts, and the Capitol.

Even if you haven’t read the book (s)’ or have seen the movie, I think you’ll enjoy the album very much. I’m not into folk-sounding music, but I really digg these.

My favorite tracks in no particular order:

"Safe & Sound"-Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars
“Dark Days”- Punch Brothers
“Kingdom Come”- The Civil Wars
“Come Away To The Water”- Maroon 5
“Run Daddy Run”- Miranda Lambert featuring Pistal Annies
“Eyes Open”- Taylor Swift

Overall, this is a great album and you won’t hear any of these songs in the movie, let me rephrase that, 3 you will if you stay till the credits roll.

Don’t get me wrong the other songs are great but these just stood out to me. Have you taken a listen to the new album?

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