So while sitting in my university’s gym (I was actually doing homework instead of working out) I started thinking about how I haven’t blogged in a while, so here I am writing. The next thought that popped in my mind was, “I keep taking all these classes and yet to find out what I really want to do with my life after graduation.”

Granted I’m not graduating anytime soon, well not until May, if all goes how I have it planned. I’m basically getting a double major in Advertising and Public Relations. Now, my school is not necessarily known for either of these programs, but it’s safe to say I know people that have gotten jobs in their respected fields of communication.

Now my problem is, what do I want to do? I know obviously use my skills that I have developed in while in school my parents would KILL me (not really, but boy would they be upset) if I started working somewhere I didn’t utilize my degree in someway!

I guess I should get an internship somewhere here soon. Preferably in Dallas area. I know I would love to work in the sports industry! I love sports! Well, almost every sport except for golf. Not for the hyperactive people unless it’s TopGolf, that I can do.

Fashion PR or Advertising would also be something I would love to have the opportunity to do. I have about 2 semesters to get an internship before I finish up school. It’s a scary thought that my undergraduate career is almost coming to an end, I’ll finally have to get a big girl job.

Exciting times!


Have you had and internship?

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