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After reading through Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets, (redundant, I know, but how else do you describe twitter updates?) it is safe to say everyone is out for the summer or graduating! That only means it’s time to celebrate and what everyone is calls “Thirsty Thursday.”

Not this girl! I will be sitting at home watching a Rangers Double Header, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. All by tweeting my reaction to the games and scenes ( follow me on Twitter: @iamfelipa ).

Also, many might not know but today is actually Mother’s Day in Mexico! (culture alert!). Having a Mexican mother, who happens to also to be a U.S. Citizen, expects for my sister and I to celebrate both. Fair or foul? My sister and I say foul, it gets expensive y’all! Regardless, we celebrate today and Sunday, which will also include Saturday. I’m taking my mom to the Rangers game! She loves them, especially Josh Hamilton. I will post photo’s of that day in a future post.

Thursday Throw Back is a big deal on instagram, and in honor of Mother’s Day weekend, here is a photo of my mother and me. I think I was 4?

What are y’alls Summer plans? Mother’s Day plans?

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