Today I’m giving y’all an insight to what I’m currently listening to on my iPod. I believe I have an eclectic taste in music ranging anywhere from Pop to Hip-hop to Country and back. Hope you take a listen to some of these artist and songs and add them to your music collection.

  1. Drunk On You- Luke Bryan

  2. Come Over- Kenny Chesney

  3. Right Here- Justin Bieber featuring Drake

  4. Somewhere With You- Kenny Chesney

  5. Want You Back- Cher Lloyd

  6. Goodbye In Her Eyes- Zac Brown Band

  7. Good Time- Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

  8. Wanted- Hunter Hayes

  9. Love is a Verb- John Mayer

These are this Friday’s summer playlist. Good listening!

Until next time,

After finishing the Fifty Grey’s trilogy, I found myself bored and in need to find more books to read, just to contain my boredom (I’m babbling here).

So what did I read you ask? Well, I read: 

  1. Gone Girl- by Gillian Flynn: This book was definitely my favorite read out of these three books! It was a thriller and has twist and turns every time you turn a page. Let’s just say it makes you love both characters at first, like one over the other a third of the way through, then it makes you change your mind about who you like. By the end of the novel, you end up hating/loving both in a weird way. It’s just one of those reads that you have to really process while reading and not want to put it down. Seriously, go buy this book!

  2. My Life Next Door- by Huntley Fitzpatrick: It’s a cute read and insightful way people look at different families. I’m not sure I liked the ending, it could have been better, but a good read nonetheless. 

  3. Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have)- by Sarah Mlynowski: This book was on sale on amazon for Kindle App for $2.99 so I bought it. It was basically, meh. Definitely dumbed down. Deals with real life situations, yet with a cliche teenage drama. It’s a book you basically read right through, fast, because it’s really bland. I wouldn’t recommend paying more than $2.99 for this book. It’s honestly not that good. 

There you have it. My summer reading is up to 6 books since the second week of July, and the month hasn’t even ended. Next book? Lost Symbol by Dan Brown; old book, but I’m curious, so I’ve finally decided to read it.

Until next time,

In today’s installment of Pinterest Wednesday I present to you these lovely Fashion Boards that people create on Polyvore and happily post them on on Pinterest so I can drool over how cute the combos look. All looks can be found on my Pinterest Bored: Fashion.


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Here’s this week’s Manicure Monday!

I used District 2 Hunger Games China Glaze Limited Edition with the new Essie Chrome Collection: No Place Like Chrome.

I created the stripes with the use of good old Scotch tape cut into thin strips.

I think I took me about 20 minutes total with dry time to create this look. 

Until next time,

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Ok cool. #fortunecookie (Taken with Instagram)

Back with Pinterest Wednesday! 

It’s hard to ignore the displays popping up everywhere in office supply stores and places such as Target and Walmart all displaying school/office supplies.

We’re almost at the end of July, and even though I’m a college student and have no need for school supplies besides paper, a pen, highlighter and textbooks, I still get pretty darn excited about office supplies. It might sound weird, but it’s true, school supply shopping was always my favorite part of the year when it came to the start of a new school year.

So here I present to some of things that caught my eye and have actually purchased. Most of the stuff is to keep things organize, I’m slightly OCD with things being in their places. Enough of that though, here it is!

From top left: monogrammed mint leather pouch, Turquoise w/ Gold embellishment iPad case from anthropology, striped legal pad by Kate Spade, and finally Custom Monogramed Agenda by Maybooks.

All items can be viewed on my Pinterest board: 

Until next time, 

Because I have been busy...

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I don’t have time to post a picture of my new manicure without posting really late and then it wouldn’t be Mani Monday :(. 

So, I give to you guys this lovely organizing print out I happened to be emailed. Here is the place when you can download the PDF version. :)

Download Here —->


Happy Monday!

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Why have I neglected my blog for so long this week, besides my Manicure Post earlier in the week you ask? Well, I was consumed by a trilogy that many have already read and I just got around to read it. 

Fifty Shades of Grey.

Where should I begin?

Well, I had asked before on a previous post about some good summer reading and everyone kept mentioning these books, and then I’d hear it on TV and people described it as “mommy porn”. Sorry, but I’m 22, and definitely not a mommy, and a description like that makes me, for lack of a better word, uneasy. 

Then Sunday night, I got my iPad and downloaded all three books. Then Monday morning I began to read. (Side note: Once I begin a book, I HAVE to finish it that day, no matter what.) Not gonna lie, I was slightly disturbed at what I was reading. Tuesday rolled around, and you can guess the pattern, I finished the second book, then Wednesday the third, which happened to be my favorite. 

Now, my favorite character in the books? Christian Grey of course, even though that might sound a little weird once you start the book series, but in the end you’ll understand why. His character is, well developed (no pun intended).It seems a little twilight-ish, but better? I think. 

Anyways, now I hear they are making a movie. Um, excuse me? This movie is probably going to be Rated-R, if that! Yeah, I believe this will be a story that is going to be a little weird to portray in the big screen.

And yes, I have an actor in mind that should play Christian Grey. First it was Matt Bomber, then I changed it to Matt Dallas (KY XY main character), then FINALLY, yes FINALLY, I came to the conclusion that Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) IS CHRISTIAN GREY. As far as Anastasia (the other main character) I think maybe Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars). 

I will be so upset if Ian Somerhalder doesn’t play Christian Grey. He’s just so good at being bad. Yes I said. 


Until next time, 

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Manicure Monday! Essie: no place like chrome and chevron nail. #essie #nails (Taken with Instagram)

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Owl City - Good Time (LYRICS) feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

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Mani Monday!!

Your Weekly Case of the Mondays..

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