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It’s hard to ignore the displays popping up everywhere in office supply stores and places such as Target and Walmart all displaying school/office supplies.

We’re almost at the end of July, and even though I’m a college student and have no need for school supplies besides paper, a pen, highlighter and textbooks, I still get pretty darn excited about office supplies. It might sound weird, but it’s true, school supply shopping was always my favorite part of the year when it came to the start of a new school year.

So here I present to some of things that caught my eye and have actually purchased. Most of the stuff is to keep things organize, I’m slightly OCD with things being in their places. Enough of that though, here it is!

From top left: monogrammed mint leather pouch, Turquoise w/ Gold embellishment iPad case from anthropology, striped legal pad by Kate Spade, and finally Custom Monogramed Agenda by Maybooks.

All items can be viewed on my Pinterest board: 

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