Why have I neglected my blog for so long this week, besides my Manicure Post earlier in the week you ask? Well, I was consumed by a trilogy that many have already read and I just got around to read it. 

Fifty Shades of Grey.

Where should I begin?

Well, I had asked before on a previous post about some good summer reading and everyone kept mentioning these books, and then I’d hear it on TV and people described it as “mommy porn”. Sorry, but I’m 22, and definitely not a mommy, and a description like that makes me, for lack of a better word, uneasy. 

Then Sunday night, I got my iPad and downloaded all three books. Then Monday morning I began to read. (Side note: Once I begin a book, I HAVE to finish it that day, no matter what.) Not gonna lie, I was slightly disturbed at what I was reading. Tuesday rolled around, and you can guess the pattern, I finished the second book, then Wednesday the third, which happened to be my favorite. 

Now, my favorite character in the books? Christian Grey of course, even though that might sound a little weird once you start the book series, but in the end you’ll understand why. His character is, well developed (no pun intended).It seems a little twilight-ish, but better? I think. 

Anyways, now I hear they are making a movie. Um, excuse me? This movie is probably going to be Rated-R, if that! Yeah, I believe this will be a story that is going to be a little weird to portray in the big screen.

And yes, I have an actor in mind that should play Christian Grey. First it was Matt Bomber, then I changed it to Matt Dallas (KY XY main character), then FINALLY, yes FINALLY, I came to the conclusion that Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) IS CHRISTIAN GREY. As far as Anastasia (the other main character) I think maybe Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars). 

I will be so upset if Ian Somerhalder doesn’t play Christian Grey. He’s just so good at being bad. Yes I said. 


Until next time, 

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