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Big Green Tractors! Now, where’s Jason Aldean (@Jason_Aldean)?… Seriously there were like 10 on the road! #jasonaldean #greentractor #johndeer #dallas (Taken with Instagram)

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Now I have all of my favorite sports teams! (Taken with Instagram)

From the beginning of July until now, I’ve read so many books! Some books were books that were made famous after the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy came out, others were just books that happened to be on the list of recommended books that was given to me based on what I had previously read, thanks to the website

So what books have I read? Well, here’s a list of them:

These books bellow are by far my favorite and Easy and Cross My Heart just above.

Yes, those are a lot books! And I did enjoy reading all of these books! Some where funny, others were romantic and tragic. Let’s just say more than half of these will make you cry while reading them! That being said, go out and read these books. All available on Amazon Kindle Books and iBooks.

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Mani Monday! #manimonday #manicure #nails #essie (Taken with Instagram)

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Mini makeup haul. #haul #makeup #nyx #ulta #instadaily (Taken with Instagram)

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Mini random haul at Target. #haul #target #moroccanoil #nyc #makeup #ELF #mascara #maybelline (Taken with Instagram at Target)

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I got it!! iPhone 5! (Taken with Instagram)

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#ootd #brooksbrothers #urbanoutfitters #sperrys (Taken with Instagram)

I’m back! In today’s installment of Pinterest Wednesday, I bring to you fall fashion needs! Well, more like what I would wear once the temperature cools down! Besides, fall is officially here on September 23, three days shy of my 23rd birthday! Yes, I’m a September baby and a fall baby, oh, and a Libra :).

I’m a sucker for boots, scarves, and big comfy sweaters! Especially when it starts getting nippy outside and trekking across campus I don’t want to worry about not having enough layers and let’s face it, I don’t want to look frumpy, I want to look cute.

So I was thrilled when I came across these pins on Pinterest! So many ideas!

Enjoy! All can be seen here:

Until next time,

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New glasses. Never had brown ones before. #bcbg #bcbgmaxazria #glasses #fashion (Taken with Instagram)

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Never realized how many shoes I actually had until now.. 36 pairs.. #Shoes #shoehoarder #fashion (Taken with Instagram)

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Dark green glitter nail polish. #nails #color #nailcolour #nailpolish (Taken with Instagram)

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New fearless BCBG bracelet! :) I’ve been wanting this one for forever! (Taken with Instagram)

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Little afternoon shopping. Deena & Ozzy bag, Vera Bradley Pen (free), and Coach Poppy perfume. :) #Coach #VeraBradley #DeenaOzzy #UrbanPutfitters (Taken with Instagram)

Finally back with a spankin’ new installment of Pinterest Wednesday! Since we are in September and thus officially marks the start of Fall, well, at least not until the 23rd. 

Today I bring to you, All Black Everything! Studs, shoes, lace, and jewelry!

All shoes are Steve Madden, and yes, I actually bought the studded flats, and they are very dangerous if you leave them on the floor in the dark and step them, OUCH!

Until next time,

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