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As I did my daily Pinterest trolling, my cousin, who happens to be planning her wedding, with my help :), she pinned an amazing array of calligraphy written invitation envelopes. It amazes me how people can have such a great penmanship that it actually made me want to practice my cursive writing… Nerd I know.

Although I may not know how to write in calligraphy form, there is a of the pin that shows how to “fake it”. All you do is write in cursive and do many fancy loops and then you fill in with starting with lines/loops on the left on every letter.

Here are some of the amazing calligraphy pins I saw on Pinterest.


Don’t they make you want to seriously practice you handwriting?

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I’m the first to say that I’m not a very neat person. I happen to have a system that I happen to call organized chaos. Basically it looks like a pile of papers thrown together, yet I know where I happen to place things. Not this year though. I finally decided to get a desk this weekend, not that I didn’t have one before, but I’m sure the coffee table, dinning table, or bed are not really considered a “desk”.

I took a lovely little trip to IKEA, and low and behold I walked out with a desk, and 3 of the most frustrating hours ever spent putting it together. I’m telling you, I sort of wished I would have just splurged on a more expensive desk somewhere else just so that I could avoid putting it together. 

Currently my desk is nice and clean, but as soon as the spring semester hits I’m not so sure how long this will last. I have gotten pretty good at synchronizing my notes from my iPhone and iPad so I can eliminate the paper clutter, which eventually makes it onto my MacBook Pro. (I really want an iMac now that I have an actual desk, obsessed Apple fan.)

Other things on my desk are a little notebook from Carolina Herrera from the Neiman Marcus+Target Collection and my Maybooks agenda. I found out about Maybooks when I was reading one of The College Prepster’s blog post. Check it out her blog y’all.

Here are some photo’s of my new desk with all my other stuff on there. 

Are you being organized this year?

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