People have drinking benders, I on the other hand go on shopping benders. I’m not sure if others have get that sudden rush just to buy anything and everything. Well, I do and it usually gets me in trouble because I buy things I don’t need or already have, but whatever. 

Today I went to the mall and came out with a whole lot of make-up and a pair of wedges. You might thinking thats not a lot right? Well, I then hit up Target, just going there for literally 1 thing, ends in a shopping cart with things that catch my eyes and ends up in the cart. 

Here are some of the things, but not everything. 

Anyone else seen Les Miserables? It was only $16.99 so I got it. <—That’s the type of thinking that gets me in trouble whenever I’m at Target, BTW. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! I’ll be studying for my Astronomy exam. Fun times.



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