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My name is Felipa and I’m an #icedcoffee junkie. #mocha #instafood #foodporn #drink #instadaily

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Hello readers!

Recently I blogged about how I had purchased some Rx Sunglasses online through BonLook which happens to offer chic glasses and sunglasses starting for $99! Trust me when I say I’ve paid over $500+ per pair I’ve gotten at both franchise and boutique optical stores. So, getting $99 sunglasses that were prescription, was amazing!

Don’t get me wrong, I was skeptical that my glasses were not going to come out right with how high the power on my vision is. To my surprise I could see perfectly the minute I tried them on! I didn’t get a headache, or saw things sideways or over magnified like I do when I first get a new pair of glasses. Over all my experience was great, it took about a week and a half to receive them, but now that I have them all I can say it was worth the wait.

And here are my glasses, as well as how they were packaged.



Until next time,

Using your iPhone or Android with the App available in both the apple app store and android market. 

That is how the app looks like when you are using your iPhone.

Here are the prices. I feel like they are reasonably priced:

I ordered the 2X2 Grid, which basically means you can fit 9 photos on the sheet they print them on, all photos are 2 inches by 2 inches when printed/cut. The other sizes are just that, the sizes of individual photos. 

Here are the photos I ordered, which cost me $15 with shipping, but hey, I’ll be getting 45 pictures printed from my phone that I’m sure would have never been printed because they are stuck on my phone.

(I know random photos, but then again, they are instagram photos.)

Now I have to wait until they are shipped. I will start a little instagram scrapbook (I love crafting). There’s just something about having pictures printed instead of having them just digitally stored. 

Give it a try! All you have to do is touch you phones screen and order. You don’t even have to get up to do anything. 

Until next time,

I stumbled onto an awesome blog/design shop, called For Chic Sake that has free printable items that include monograms. And I love this project! The file can be downloaded here:

Just scroll to the bottom of the website to look through all available colors.

Custom Printable Acrylic Tray Insert - Chevron Yellow and Blue by For Chic Sake

Here is the project and how I plan to design mines:

This will be my design below!

All you need is a color printer, paper, an acrylic small box from The Container Store: $5.99 and you’re done!

This the box from The Container Store:

Happy Crafting!

Until next time, 

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Today’s #ootd #whatiwore #fashion. Styling down a #blazer #whitejeans #loft #jcrew #pearls #jewelry

Hello readers!

About a month ago I decided to save money on my almost daily trip to Starbucks and went ahead and invested in an espresso machine. I also bought Starbucks espresso beans and different flavored syrups.

Today happens to be a warm day here in Dallas, so what better than start making iced coffee. I recently went to Walmart and bought their brand of mason jars, which was only $7 instead of the “real” brand which would have set me back about $20. They are the same both in size and quality only difference is you do not get the name on the glass. I really don’t care, but if you do, go buy the real ones, more power to you.

Anyways, I made 2 shots of espresso (or if you don’t happen to own an espresso machine, brew really dark coffee of your choice, just double the strength of a cup of java.) then I packed the mason jar with ice then poured the coffee, pumped 2 shots of Torani Chocolate Syrup (you can use Hershey Chocolate Syrup, it will taste the same) and topped it off with skim milk (or whatever milk is of your choice.)

And there you have it, my iced mocha. Also, blogger and Food Network Chef The Pioneer Woman makes a wonderful version as well. Check it out here:

Until next time,

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Today’s #ootd #whatiwore #fashion #neimanmarcus #jcrew #betsyjohnson #hm #gap #boots #armcandy #armparty

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Love this song! #crashmyparty @lukebryan #lukebryan

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Today’s #ootd. #whatiwore #fashion

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Salad with roasted garlic dressing. #healthy #salad #dinner #veggies #diet

Why am I so excited over some sunglasses? Well, I haven’t been able to wear sunglasses in YEARS! Yes, years! I think I might have been 6 or 7 the last time I could wear them, mostly because I always had wear RX glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my glasses! It just sucks that it cost an arm and a leg to buy them ($600+) let alone wanting a pair of RX Sunglasses. But, I luckily have found a a website that had a pair on sale + had only an up-charge of $30 for ultra-thin lenses (I have sucky nearsightedness with astigmatism…oh joy!). 

What company you ask? Well it’s BonLook!


I had heard of companies like this one, the other being Warby Parker. I had the disposable money available and I was able to get them for $99 with free shipping in the US by UPS. I can’t wait to get them! 

So, how do they look? Well here they are! Check it out right below!

I honestly can’t wait! It’s about time I got some, especially with it being spring and summer in Texas can get QUITE sunny! Oh, and let’s not forget baseball season! (Go Rangers!)

Let’s just hope they are done correctly, fit, and oh yeah, I can see with them!

Until next time,

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New arm candy! Zig-zag stack bracelets! #zigzag #armcandy #armparty #fashion #jewelry

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Today’s #ootd #whatiwore #fashion #statementnecklace #lace #boots

It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, and it’s raining and freezing (It was 83* yesterday!). I’ve had 2 grande sized coffees today and I guess that’s like 4 cups of caffeine goodness, which is definitely needed on a day that should be spent under a blanket and watching movies, but no, instead of doing that, I’m writing case analysis’, taking notes and organizing. (Planner is from where you can customize all different sorts of planners and even stationary set. This is my second planner. I love them!)

Besides having to do all of the above, I had a nice little monster (oxymoron much?) to keep me company… Andy!

(He didn’t appreciate mommy (me) working and not being able to play with him.)

On my last post I said I bought some wedges, well I went back to the store and these are WAY out there, but I just think these are awesome I might just get them!

(Jessica Simpson, why do you make design such cute shoes?)

I just realized how scattered my blog post is today; I blame it on the weather.

Here is a cute hair-do that I stumbled across on Pinterest yesterday! Can be found on my Hair Pin Board or on the actual bloggers website The Small Things: Half French PonyTail 

(Perfect for spring, don’t you think?)

And finally, I’ve discussed the weather, which happens to also be in the title of this post, but the other part? Silver Lining? Well, It has to do with my favorite song right now, and that is new country singer Kacey Musgraves’ song “Silver Lining”. Go pick up or download her album on iTunes.

Until next time,

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Texas Rangers #ootd #whatiwore #fashion #baseball #mlb #texasrangers #rangers #texas #mirrorgram

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Fro-Yo! #froyo (at Yumilicious)

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[spotify id="spotify%3Atrack%3A25n4NECujqOxQHdXVIVc9I&view=coverart" width="500" height="580" /]

Like this song #demilovato #demi #heartattack

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Cinnamon Pecan Praline. #delicious #sprinkles #cupcake #foodporn #food (at Sprinkles Cupcakes)

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