I know I'm not the only one that posts pictures of their food on Instagram. I take random pictures, mostly food, selfies, man crush mondays, shoes, outfits, and of course,  my dog. Like I've mentioned before I've been on a bit of health kick and have been doing really good for the past few day. I've gone ahead and posted some of the food that I've been eating and drinking.

I have decided to "Eat Clean" or what some other call it, "Clean Eating." What's clean eating? Well it's exactly what it sounds like. Eating foods that are healthy, not over processed, and foods that don't contain ingredients you can't even pronounce when looking at the food label. I also try to eat about 90% organic, and I know it gets expensive so I try to stick to veggies that are cheap, and the rest that isn't then I just try to get as fresh as possible. For college students like myself, although I graduate in December so I'll be getting a big girl job hopefully upon graduation, it's hard to buy healthy stuff considering it's usually the most expensive in supermarkets. I shop around. I even take ads from other grocery stores and get it priced matched at Walmart Neighborhood Market. Now, I'm a Target kind of girl, but Super Targets are far from where I live, although, I am surrounded by 6 normal Targets, also I don't think they price match. So there is a way to eat healthy you just have to find ways to do it.

Whole foodsAnyways, today I went to Whole Foods for lunch. Have y'all seen their salad bar? Good lord, it's heaven! There's all kinds of veggies, green leafy lettuce, fruit, quinoa, and other vegan stuff. I built a really delicious salad, which I also replicated at home for dinner, minus the turkey. I selected the baby spinach-raisin-quinoa salad, topped with some shredded turkey breast, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, and lightly topped it off with light ranch. On the side I had  mango slicked, a few green grapes, and cubes of cantaloupe. Here is a picture of my delicious lunch (and breakfast since I didn't have any)

Here are the rest of the photos that I've recently posted with my Clean Eating lifestyle.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1 photo 5


Eat Clean|Clean Eating.

Until next time,

Felipa xoxo
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