Remember on my last post that I made that impromptu blender purchase? Well, I read through the little recipe book and attempted to make ice cream. It wasn't it a hard recipe to follow, but it should had have in fine print, results will vary. And very they did.

I went to Walmart and bought some frozen strawberries, blueberries, sugar, vanilla extract, and some heavy whipping cream (fattening!). I spent about $12 on all of the items, although this will let me make this several times not just once.

I didn't think about making more than what the recipe called for because let's face it, I didn't know if it would taste good or better yet even come out looking remotely like ice cream. So after 1 hour at the grocery store, I know it was long for not many items, but I was with my sister and well, she can take forever, I brought them home and dumped the ingredients in my brand spanking new professional blender.

Here are the results: Not ice cream, but close enough. I give you gelato. It was delicious.


Until next time,

Felipa xoxo


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