Who would have thought that we are in the last half of 2013? Time flys by so fast and everything in the first half of the year seems like a complete blur. I’m hoping the second half decides to slow down a bit. It’s my last semester in college and have spent most of my summer applying to internships to gain some experience in my Advertising and Public Relations field.

I’ve also been studying for the GRE to apply to grad school. I’m still dwelling on whether or not I decide to apply. It’s one of those things that’s still up in the air. I think it’s more of the idea that I’ll miss being in a classroom setting that makes me want to get my masters (call me a lifer I suppose); something that has been in my life for the past 15+ years. Perhaps, maybe after graduation, I can get classes to further my foreign language.

Look at me getting all sentimental of the future. :). Enough of that…

I think I’ve started of July with a healthy start. The day before yesterday I went to the grocery store and bought all sorts of healthy foods. Yesterday, I fixed myself an Egg White omelette stuffed with baby portobello mushrooms, organic baby spinach, onion, and diced red belled pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes for a spicy kick. It was utterly delicious. Here are some photos of the omelette cooking process along with the final result.

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

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