Have you ever wanted a bag that could be worn with just about everything, handle any situation, and hold just about everything? Well, let me introduce you to LongchampI am fan of The College Prepster's blog and she always talks about it, that I ended up wanting one, but with my luck it was basically sold out EVERYWHERE. I literally waited about 2 months for it to come back from backorder at Neiman Marcus. The bag finally arrived this afternoon via FedEx.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.27.00 AM

It looks like not much fits in it, but it actually does. I got the Le Pliage in a Large. It fits my Macbook Pro, along with my wallet, iPhone, keys, gum, mints, etc. I actually carry a lot of stuff. Basically if you've never seen one or actually held one, it is ridiculously light. It has leather handles and the edges of the bag, a gold colored hard wear for the zipper and button, with a nylon overall body. I got mine in the color in which they call "New Navy". I figured it would go with everything, I though about getting it in gray or even white, but then, let's face it, pens breaking and such would have destroyed it. It's a bit expensive at $145 or $156 if you live in Texas with tax+Free Shipping, but that's because it's a French designer bag. It's priced around the same as some of the Michael Kors and Dooney & Bourke nylon/leather bags are priced. I liked this one opposed to those because it does not have the obnoxious brand plastered everywhere.

Besides, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge happens to be fan as well as other celebrities. ;).

Here are some photos:

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Will you be getting one?

Until next time,

Felipa xoxo
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