Fall Favorites

by Felipa Villegas, 3:59 PM

Want to know which season is my favorite? Well, it's the one we are currently in, fall! The reason is because it's that transition period where it is no longer stupid hot (I live in Texas) to a cool climate. Well, it's not cool just yet, but the temperature is ranging from the 70's to low 90's.

Now onto my actual fall favorites:

Fall Foliage.

I love when trees start changing colors and leaves start collecting on the ground. Although the transition hasn't happened quite yet, I can not wait until my dog, Andy, goes running through the giant piles that collect next to trees. It is beyond adorable watching a shaggy little shih-tzu bouncing from pile to pile.


True Life: I'm a Starbucks addict. It's the first step right? Admitting you have a problem?

Well, I'm always drinking coffee, but now I can actually enjoy my Non-Fat White Mocha (usually a grande unless it's a free drink, then it's a venti). I can now order my coffee hot, instead of always having to order it iced, because it's too hot outside. Also, if you have never noticed, you actually get more coffee when it's hot than iced, because they don't have to add like a half-cup of ice to your drink. Score! The more caffeine the better!


Do I have to explain? Well, I might as well say I love cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, pullovers, and hoodies. I've been buying sweaters since before summer even ended. Unfortunately, I can only wear cardigans during class, because walking outside in the afternoon would have me sweating (ew). Perhaps towards the end of October will cool down considerably to be able to wear some of the adorable sweaters I've been collecting.

By the way, does anyone else read Sarah Vickers blog "Classy Girls Wear Pearls"? Well I do, and OH MY GOD do I want her sweater collection. Seriously. Specifically the L.L. Bean Signature sweaters. Can I just have her closet?


I can not go into a department store, specifically Dillard's, and not go to their shoe department. In my opinion Dillard's has the best women's shoe area. They just got their fall shoes and oh man, they have tables and tables of boots on display! I already bought 2 new pair of boots for fall/winter. In my opinion, boots go with everything! I have riding boots, western/cowboy boots, what I call my "Katniss Boots", Uggs, rain boots and a knee-high boots. I can't get enough! Although, it is still warm enough that I still wear sandals.

Halloween Movies.

I love how Halloween movies run the whole month of October, well at least on cable/satellite channels they do. Don't tell me you have never seen the Disney Halloweentown movie series? I'm 24-years-old and here I am still wanting to watch them, it's tradition. Also, Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin? Yeah, I still watch that.


Not many people watch the NHL in Texas, but I do. October marks the start of the regular season for hockey. I'm a big fan of the Dallas Stars, incidentally I got my new Tyler Seguin jersey signed yesterday! Also, this Thursday I'll be going to the home opener, which is also the reason I wanted to get my jersey signed before the season started. I basically spent almost 3 hours at the rink in Frisco, Texas with my best friend Dianne.



What are some of the things you like/look forward to during fall?

Until next time,

Felipa xoxo

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