Ever wanted to print those cute filtered Instagram photos from your iPhone, but then wonder where you can get square prints? Many places online are starting to offer the option of printing Instagram photos. The catch? You usually have to be on your computer and transfer your photos to iPhoto or whatever pictures folder your computer uses to store photographs. Or you can always email all those photos to your self if you want. I though heard of a company/app called PostalPix. You can get Instagram prints or even regular prints straight from your phone! I love it and the reason I'm writing about them is because I ordered some prints.

Yesterday I went to the State Fair of Texas again but this time with my best friends. We were there for about 6 hours and according to my Jawboune Up it said we walked for about 6 miles. That makes up for all the fried food we had. Funnel cakes, tornado fries, and way too many lemonades. I took a lot of photos with my iPhone in square mode and Instagram.

I've had photos in my phone for a while and decided it was time to get them printed like I mentioned above. These are the pictures that will be mailed to me once they are printed. All together there are 36 prints of 2"X2" squares printed on 4 sheets of film paper. It sounds small but they are actually big and are beyond cute. I have some already they I ordered a while back. I've yet to cut them and put them in a scrapbook. There just isn't anytime at the moment.

Here they are:





Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

Download the app here: PostalPix
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