Hey guys, if you have noticed lately I've been posting regularly! Finally, I know. Well I have the time to sit and write and create material for this lovely blog. Today I decided that I would share what music I'm currently listening to on my iPhone/iPod. Some of the music is fairly new and some are off the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack, which I love and goes directly with the movie/book.

Incidentally , did anyone go see Catching Fire this weekend? I sure did and it was in IMAX. I was worried that it would not follow the book or that they would change scenes like they did with the first movie. I think the thing with book-movie adaptations is that they could either be really good or really bad. This one was SO right and So good! I loved it and my best friend agreed. We both have read the books, so of course we have this whole imaginary world already living in our minds and how things should go. Although the first part of the movie was some what rushed, I think the "Game Scenes" made up for it. It was an intense 2+hours of action. I will admit I got a bit emotional with some of the movie, I'm one of those, the cryer, but I held it in mostly because  I was in public and did NOT want everyone seeing my raccoon eyes, LOL! Also, the Divergent trailer! I basically fan-girled through what I assume was 60-second trailer. I have a little crush on Tobias, #4, Theo James whatever you want to call him and I read the series so there is that. I can't wait!

Here is my Monday Music Playlist:

[caption id="attachment_370" align="aligncenter" width="366"]Music Playlist Music Playlist[/caption]

What have you guys been listening to?

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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