I used to look forward to snow days, but when it comes to ice days? I hate them! Why you ask? Well, I can't go anywhere. It's ridiculously cold. It doesn't snow, but it sure does sleet. My whole car was full of ice and the doors were frozen shut. The  car had icicles y'all! I just wanted to go to Target and buy some christmas lights to finish decorating the house, but no! I'm stuck in the house with my family and two very needy, restless, an noisy dogs. Oh, and not to mention all I've been doing is snacking. There is candy, nuts, and every baked good you could imagine laid out. It's supposed to feel 6*F tomorrow morning with a high of 25*F. Oh joy! It was just 80*F like 3 days ago.

Oh well, I'll just stay indoors, unfortunately, and do some online shopping, last minute school work and study for my last finals ever! Although, I have contemplated graduate school, but let's save that for another day.

Here are some photos from my car:


Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

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