Ever wanted a really cute personalized planner? Well below I have listed 2 places, one of which I've purchased often and the other I just discovered today (I've bought from Etsy before, but not the designer). I used to have a hard time keeping dates and assignments straight by just using iCal. I don't know about y'all, but I had to at least have the assignment or errand written down somewhere else besides my iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. I'm more a visual person so seeing it on paper helped. The following planners are for those that like personalization and for those that like DIY projects. 

May Designs:

Cost: $22 planner with monogram; $17 planner with no monogram


Many designs are available in patterns and colors imaginable. If you’re lucky, there’s a coupon for 50%-off sometimes on Good Morning America deals. Also, if you subscribe to their newsletter there are some deals that they send out from time to time. I’ve bought quite a few planners from this company and love them! They have enough space to write down assignments (I used them for school) and a monthly overview. They are sturdy, light, and thin enough that they wont add any weight or space to your bag. When I’m done with them I tend to rip the front cover and keeping the design with my monogram. They are too cute to just get rid of them. (I’m a bit of a hoarder.)  Here’s the link so you can get yours: http://www.maydesigns.com/shop/books



Cost: They range from $12-$14.
I love shopping for stuff on Etsy. I spend more money than I should or need, but who can resist cute cheap stuff? Well browsing around the site I noticed a lot of options for 2014 planners. Are you a DIY-selfer? You can buy printable planners that can be bound at your local Kinkos or similar, or just simply put in a 3-ring binder. They are customizable and be reprinted however many times you want. One shop that caught my eye was LauraDraytonCreative. She has many cute designs with monograms, chevron prints, etc. The inside of the printable planner uses labels that resemble washi tape! How cute?! Here’s a picture and link to the shop:




Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

P.S.: I've been working on a project featuring Instagram photo's that I've had printed by Postal Pix. I'll keep an update of that on another post or perhaps I might get finished early! Yay. 



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