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Hello readers!

I happen to own an insane amount of handbags. I basically go to the store and this is the conversation in my head, "Oh, that bag is cute, I think I'll buy it." More often than not, I end up purchasing the bag. I've collected several over the past few years that I actually don't use any of them besides my mom's vintage Chanel bag and my go-to Longchamp handbag. So, I've decided to open up a shop on eBay and occasionally sell some of my handbags.

Today's listing, which will be open for 7 days, is my Juicy Couture bag that was only used MAX 10 times since I bought it. This was actually an impulse buy on my part, I thought it was cute and well, now here I am trying to get rid of it.

Follow the link:

This is the purse I'm selling:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 11.37.52 AM

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