Hey readers! Today is the last day of the Blogging 101 Series but fear not! This will not be the last time I will be posting tips about blogging. I wouldn't leave y'all hanging!

Getting organized is one if not the most important thing to do when initially starting your blog. You are probably thinking, "why do I need to get organized?". You need to because then your blog will be all over the place. Besides getting signed up to a blogging platform and designing your website, CONTENT is KEY!

One thing I learned from the very beginning is that you just can't go in with a mentality of, "Oh, I'll write about 'this' today." It's hard to come up with a good post, at least for me it is. I can definitely sit down and just write, but to come up with ideas needs more thought process.

In college, I learned how to come up with an editorial calendar for a magazine, which can easily be applied to a blog. Both in my advertising and public relation classes all involved some kind of long-term calendar that would be implemented into a campaign. I take a similar track with my blog. Also, I just happen to be a person that strives in structure even if it is somewhat vague.

What is an editorial calendar?
Basically an Editorial Calendar is nothing but a 12-month plan with idea topics. For my blog specifically, I go through regular 12-month calendar and look for any holidays that would give me ideas for DIY posts or series topics.

I learned that writing about random topics can cause you to have chaotic readership. It always nice for it to flow from one topic to another.

Let's take March for example: What holidays are in this month? Or what happens during this month?

March is always associated with Spring. So in my editorial calendar I would include:

    • Spring cleaning

    • Texas Independence Day (This is obviously a Texas thing)

    • Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras)

    • Gardening

    • Saint Patricks Day

    • Lent.

From here I will go and use a Weekly Planner one that includes Monday-Friday to write up blog topics with bullet points of things I will write about.

Example of this would be this weeks Blogging 101 Series:

    • Monday: Why did I start blogging

      • Include bullet point ideas

    • Tuesday: What equipment do I use

      • Include bullet point ideas

    • Wednesday: I was busy this day so no blog post was posted nor did I write a potential blog for this day.

      • Remember you don't have to write everyday; Quality vs Quantity should be what you strive for when you write.

    • Thursday: Wordpress vs Blogger

      • Include bullet point ideas (This involved research and personal research so there is work involved when coming up with topics, just a heads up. Again, you are striving for quality posts.)

    • Friday: Getting Organized

      • I'm sure you reading this, so all of what I've written on this post is actually vaguely written down in bullet points and then expanded when I began writing.

I do put Saturday and Sunday on the weekly planner, but as many of y'all have noticed I rarely post on the weekends. Why? Because these are usually the days I use to brainstorm and come up with the weeks blogpost. I tend to do a weekend-wrap up mention on Monday's just for a glimpse of what I do on weekends.

This seems a very detailed way to write up a blogpost. Of course this method is mostly for those that are blogging for DIYs, Fashion/Styling, Cooking, and Lifestyle bloggers. If you are just wanting to write your thoughts at what not, then you most likely don't need it to be this detailed. It can seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be writing blogposts left and right. :)

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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