Blogging 101 Series: What equipment do I use

by Felipa Villegas, 6:41 AM
Hey guys!

So continuing with this weeks Blogging 101 Series, many have actually emailed me to ask what do I use on a day-to-day basis for my blog in terms of computer, software, equipment, etc. I use many electronics to post and come up with ideas for the blog itself. I'm not here to say YOU have to go out and buy these things too. I've had many of the things I'm using on my blog for many other reasons and it just so happens I was able to just use them for blogging purposes.


I only have one and I use a Macbook Pro 13" it's the regular one without the Retina display. I've had mines for about 3 years now and never had a problem with it. I'm not saying you should go buy it or anything it's just my preference.

I also use my iPad 2 to brainstorm ideas when I'm on the go. I also blog from it since there is a WordPress app that is available for download or just on the Safari browser itself. I edit photos on it too when I use the SD/Media Card reader for quick editing.


I use Adobe Creative Cloud to edit and create some of the images seen on my blog. The 3 main components of Adobe that I use often are InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Like I've mentioned before I had these for other reasons (Advertising and Graphic Design classes), but have come in handy for editing things on the blog. Don't have the money to purchase these? You can always try it for 30days or if you are looking for a FREE photo editor like photoshop I recommend using GIMPIt's an open source software thats available for free download.

I use Notes on both my iPhone 5s for when inspiration hits. I have the iWork apps also available on iCloud and use the word processing software to write down ideas on my iPad.

DropBox is a great app/website to use for importing PDFs and other things to keep everything together.


I currently use an Olympus PEN Mini (E-PM1) with interchangeable lenses (I have the M. Zuiko Digitial 14-42mm lens). I also use a 16GB SD card that holds many photographs which I never fill up to begin with so it's plenty of space for me.

I of course use my iPhone 5s as an impromptu camera when I'm not carrying my DSLR. You can usually tell when I post photos using my phone. The quality is so obvious.

 Other things:

I carry a small notepad with me everywhere and a few pens so when I'm sitting at Starbucks and I get ideas I have a quick way to write them down.

Wireless Keyboard from amazon for my iPad makes it easier to write a blog post instead of trying to type on the actual screen.

Cheap white poster boards they're like 50¢ each for a clean and crisp background.

I carry everything, well if I'm on the go, my iPad, camera+lens, iPhone, and notebook in my trusty Longchamp Le Pilage in the Large size. It's seriously so light that when you add everything in the bag it won't have you feeling like your should might give out on you.


There you have it guys. This is all the stuff I use some of the things are pictured but these are the main components that lets me put together my blog on a day-to-day basis.

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

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