Hey readers! I always get the question of why I moved from Blogger to Wordpress. I also get asked what are the differences and which is easier to use. I've finally took the time this week of the Blogging 101 Series so I'm about to go into detail on the Pros and Cons of both and finally why I chose Wordpress.org.




• You get absolutely 100% control over your blog.

 I took a few classes on PHP, HTML and CSS and have always wanted to work more with it and Wordpress is definitely a place you can edit PHP, HTML, CSS, run ads, and make the site look as professional as you want or as personal you want.

• Huge number of designers that design and develop for wordpress.org sites.

There are free design templates, but I chose to pay for mines it was a pre-made $35 one from Etsy and the designer was 17th Avenue Designs. You can also pay up towards $2000+ for a complete custom theme made JUST for you. A unique one you know no one will ever have. I unfortunately don't have that kind of money to spend on one JUST YET, but perhaps in the future I will.

• Wordpress.com is the same concept with Wordpress.org when it comes to posting blog posts so there will be no complications going from .com to .org, the platform will look exactly the same.

• There are thousands of ‘plug-ins,’ which are essentially are apps for your blog. You can search for plug-ins and one-click install them to your site.

I use plugins that connect to Pinterest, contact forms, Instagram, analytics, Jetpack, MOJO Market place, Wordpress importer (For when I moved my wordpress.com blog to .org) and resume plug-in.


• To have a blog on Wordpress.org you have to self-host your blog, which means you will need to purchase server space and your domain name with a third party company (such as  Go Daddy, or Blue Host). This can range in price from $3-$12 per month, or a lot more if you have high traffic.

I personally use Blue Host which comes with a Free Domain Name, but since I already had mines through google+enom all I had to do is have the DSN servers pointed to Blue Host (sounds complicated but it's really not that bad).

• You will need to hire a blog designer to help you design and develop your site, and get it installed on the server. This is probably is one of the more complicated parts of using the .org portion of Wordpress. Unless you have ever actually dealt with this type of webpage development, then it's better to let a professional help you with this.

• Overall, WordPress.org will give you the most control of your site long term, but has the highest initial investment. By initial investment is that like I've stated before, you purchase EVERYTHING but then again its worth the cost, because it will be uniquely yours.

• Many bloggers find WordPress.org more intimidating, as tweaking certain elements of your site will often require knowledge of HTML or CSS. YouTube and a few google searches of how to use CSS and HTML will always help you out. http://www.w3schools.com/css/ became my best friend when I first started learning how to build websites in one of my classes in college.




• 100% Free of any charge (except for when you want to use your own domain name which is only $10/year, instead of the free yourname.blogger.com)

• Blogger is powered/owned by Google, so if you already have a Gmail account, you already have a Blogger account. All you have to do is activate it. Easy.

• Easy to use – with everything from making pages and posting new blog posts.

• The Blogger designs run off of HTML and CSS, and there are plenty of designers out there ESPECIALLY on Etsy, where you can purchase cute designs for as little as $5!


• Limited image storage space. Blogs each have 1GB of file storage, which is shared with your Picasa Web Albums. I really hated this because if you are using a DSLR camera like I do, you know the files on some of the photos are HUGE and well if you do any DIY, Cooking, or are a Style Blogger, this is definitely not a great thing to use.

• Many bloggers can’t get the design functionality they want, especially if they are looking for advanced features. I always ran into problems when it came to uploading a photo and t would run all the way into the right column. It was always a mess and VERY frustrating. At least for me it was. Having social media buttons were easy to have, but then running stuff like Instagram could get tricky.

• SPAM comments! I hated this when I had Blogger. It's hard to monitor them when you get them. Wordpress.com/.org does a great job of putting all comment pending and automatically puts spam comments in the junk folder.

If you’re currently on Blogger and are thinking about making the switch, be sure to work with a designer/developer who has migrated sites from Blogger to WordPress before (unless you are confident enough to know how to do this yourself), and knows how to do things like re-direct your domain (so that if people go to your old yourname.blogger.com address it’ll send them to your new page), export your comments, etc.


Me personally?

I have blogged on Blogger, Tumblr (which I don't cover here), WordPress.com AND WordPress.org. In my experience, (I've only used WordPress.org for a little over 2 months) has offered me the most control over my blog! I was finally able to have a blog (for my entertainment and creative outlet) but also make it look professional for when potential employers to look at my resume and portfolio and have a nice website to look at.I love that my Blog Design came equipped with SEO capabilities so I can have better searches and key word optimization.

I used the regular wordpress.com for about 6 months and had it mapped through them for $13/year + my domain name, but I was never satisfied with how my blog looked. It was restrictive in the design I wanted, no matter how much I changed the background and header.

Tumblr was definitely not for me when it came to wanting regular readership. Everything gets "re-blogged" and gets lost with all the others. Now I only use it for a means of entertainment and re-blogging. I actually have a RSS feed of this blog there so whenever I post a blog here it is also published there.

For my own blog, WordPress.org just provides the most power, flexibility, and capabilities versus Blogger. I love to post pictures and having galleries of adventurers, DIY, cooking, outfit of the days,  and makeup reviews. However, if you are a brand new blogger and don’t want to spend a lot of money up front on your new venture, starting out with Blogger. I started with blogger because at the time (5 years ago) I didn't know much of CSS so Wordpress seemed WAY out of my league. Blogger was simple, already had a Gmail Account and it was quick and easy to set up. In the long run I wanted to take my blog to the next level with sponsors, ads, more creative web design freedom so here I am on Wordpress.org. I wanted to keep my blog AND have somewhere I could display a resume and portfolio. Why pay more for TWO websites when I can have it all in one and make it look fun + professional? This was my choice and I'm not here to tell you which to choose. I'm just sharing my opinion and experience :).

Hope this helps!

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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