Hey there readers!

So this week I've decided to do a type of Blogging 101 Series. To start this series off right, I'll be letting you guys into a little more of my world and how I began blogging.

I started blogging my freshman year of college having accounts on both Tumblr and Blogger (Blogspot). I no longer have a blogger, well I do but only because I purchased my domain through Google (more on this in a post later this week). Blogging was very much a creative outlet for me and a means of entertainment. I along with every other college student would spend too much time on Facebook and didn't have much of a hobby with classes and homework.

Like I've mentioned before I am an Advertising and Public Relations graduate so I always have enjoyed writing and creating logos and then thought, why not start something that could combine both of the things that I enjoy doing? So that's how I began blogging. At the beginning I only gripped about how hard classes were, how hard it was meeting for the many group projects, how hard it was juggling organization meetings, and how gross and the lack of good tasting food was provided by the cafeteria. In general it was all just "Felipa living in the dorms and college life".

Obviously as many of you have seen my blog has evolved. For the better part of January and February I was working on re-branding my blog. What I mean is since I'm no longer in college, I'm in that transition of being a young professional. I also have so many ideas that I was never really able to work on when I was in college nor the audience for me to share those ideas. I am ambitious so instead of having my blog hosted by just Wordpress.com I went ahead and transitioned it to Wordpress.org and hosted it privately. I will be talking about this in a future post, again, part of the Blogging 101 Series.

So there you have it guys! I needed a creative outlet and turned to blogging, which now has evolved to what I have now. I identify myself as a Lifestyle Blogger. I do a bit of everything, beauty, DIY, reviews, and my life.

Why do you guys blog?

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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