Hey readers! Y'all are well aware of my shopping hauls that include makeup, clothes, accessories, and gadgets. My post on Monday I talked about having a big girl job, so I have decided to take a leap and purchase a...

Car! Well, it depends really. I'm leaning more on getting SUV/crossover. I swear y'all, some of these crazy Texas drivers are the reason why I might just get an SUV. I'm not talking gas- guzzler here, I'm talking something that is fuel efficient. I'm no environmentalist, electric car, hybrid car person either, I just don't want to spend more on gas than on the car payment. I'm thinking about getting a Nissan Rogue. I still want to have disposable income to spend on the things I love, like shopping.

It's a big purchase, one that I've been weighting the pros and cons for. I currently share my moms VW Jetta which I don't find it inconvenient because I don't get burdened with paying for gas or car payment. So, it's a free ride. But, it's about time I got my own and have it at my dispose at anytime of the day or rather any day. I'm leaning more towards like a silver/grey or pearl white color. I originally wanted a black car, but then I started thinking about the chipped paint and dings, and I was like "NO!"

I'll keep y'all update on how it goes and all about the car buying experience.

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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