Hello readers! Like I've mentioned before I don't really have anything planned as it pertains to blog post, but I do have some music news to share.

Saturday I received an email and was pleasantly surprised that it was from the Eli Young Band in-conjunction with iTunes. I was gifted the new album 10,000 Towns for being a fan of the band. I should add that I had actually gone out and bought the Walmart Edition with three extra songs. So, I actually have two copies; one digital and one physical.

I've had 4 days to listen to the album and have narrowed it down to my top 6 favorite songs.
What Does
June, July, August (*Only available on the Walmart Edition Album)
10,000 Towns
Let's Do Something Tonight
Your Last Broken Heart
Drunk Last Night

They are not in order from favorite just listed.
Click on the song titles to listen to the song on YouTube.

ELI Young

I have always loved country music, but I love Texas country that much more!

I hope you guys go out and buy it and love it just as much as I do. What do you guys listen to?

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

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