It's Monday! Not a fun day for many, but hey if you live in Dallas-Fort Worth area then there is an ice day. This weather has been insane! I was seriously wearing shorts on Saturday. On Sunday I was wearing jeans, boots, layered shirts, and my North Face. It was basically a 51° temperature difference.

I did a little shopping this weekend. J.Crew was having a sale that if you used their card you'd get 20%off your entire purchase. A lot of the merchandise already had some sort of discount so there were some great deals. In the end, I ended up buying the drawstring dress pants and a camo sweatshirt that I've been dying to purchase for quite a while. Actually, I've just wanted something camo in my wardrobe and this just so happen to be a great opportunity. I do love a good sale! Also, later in the week I'll share some other items I'll be receiving that I ordered online. They are currently sitting somewhere on a UPS truck.

Here you can click on the items below the photo and it will take you to J.Crew's website and you can get your own!

Shop With Me (Fun and casual)


Another little purchase I made was on some makeup. I know, I post a lot about makeup; I can't help it! But this time is was actually something I've been in the market to buying or at least wanting to test out. I'm one of those that will sit for hours looking at YouTube Beauty Guru's do tutorials. So here I was watching them and decided that I needed a translucent powder and highlighting pen. I didn't want to spend an outrageous amount of money on 2 items that I was using for the first time. I went over to Victoria's Secret and purchased the items. It was reasonably priced compared to some of the brands I usually buy. I have used them and let's just say the highlighter was actually really creamy and just a shade lighter than my natural color. Also, the translucent powder was very light and didn't make my face look cake nor did it melt with the 84°F weather that occurred Saturday.

You can purchase your own by clicking on the links bellow:

Victoria's Secret Makeup


What did you guys do this weekend? Keep a lookout for tomorrow's Mardi Gras Post!

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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