This month I’ll be receiving quite a few goodies in the mail! 

First, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from my city Guilt weekly specials. Basically, the Dallas Gilt  had an offer for Birchbox for 1-year for only $79! It’s seems like a lot right? However, it actually cost $120 when you buy it straight from the company. Each box is worth $10, so I got a really great deal on it. I just learned that my monthly box has been shipped, and I can’t wait to unbox and show you guys what I got this month.

Secondly, I don’t know about y’all, but I have an obsession with collecting notebooks. I’ll show my collection in a future post soon. With that being said, I have always love May Designs books, I would buy agendas and just regular notebooks. I remembered that a while back they teamed up with someone for a Calligraphy Kit. I finally researched and found out they teamed up with Design Roots, that happens to be just a little north from me in Frisco, Texas. I ordered the C is for Calligraphy (Kit) Base one. I didn’t think I needed extra nibs right now that I’m just beginning. The base kit includes one calligraphy workbook (by May Designs), one pen, one Brause 66 nib, and a 1/2 oz jar of black ink for $28.  I love modern calligraphy so what better way to practice than this!

Thirdly, May Designs is having a store wide 40% off sale! If you haven’t ever bought from them you should! Their little notebooks are so sturdy! I don’t actually need more, but I just can pass the chance of 40% off. 

Until next time,
xo xo Felipa

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