Hey there readers! So, last week I finally had my “stiletto nails” taken off. They look awesome, but for someone like me that works exclusively using JUST a computer, well, it can get annoying. I kept typing the wrong letters and make a lot of noise on the keyboard. Also, it was annoying using the credo card swipe readers when entering my PIN number. 

Anyways, when I went to get them taken off, I opted for a standard manicure. You know, file, polish, bottom coat, color, and top coat. I also noticed that whenever I go to the nail salon they the color on my nails tends to stay longer without chipping and NOT using Gel Color. I like to my nails at home, but by the third day I have to do a touch up, not convenient. Back to me being at the salon, the nail tech doing my nails put all the things he was going to put on my nail bed. He brought out this orange Orlypolish that is supposed to make the nail color you put over it stick because it ends up acting like rubber. Weird, I know! Also for a top coat he used the same brand Orly to finish it. My nails didn’t chip until today, Sunday, exactly a week from when I got my nails done.

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought both the basecoat and top coat the nail tech used. I hope this will make my nail polish stay on longer like it did when I got them done at the salon. Imagine the savings! I won’t have to visit my nail salon often anymore, now that I got the secret to keeping a longer manicure.


The products I used today for my at home manicure are pictured above and can be purchased here:

This is the best way to make your manicure to last longer when doing your nails at home. Besides, most of us live busy lives and don’t have the luxury to visit the nail salon when we want to just get a polish change.

Until next time!
Felipa xoxo

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