Today my Birchbox finally came in after tracking it since I got the email last week that it had shipped!

I’m super excited for this box because I knew I’d be getting a Macadamia product. I have tested most of the products besides the TEMPTU highlighter. 

Let’s go by the list of products and my review on each.

  1. AvĂ©ne Face Cleanser- I loved the product, especially because of my sensitive skin. However, I didn’t love nor hate the smell. It smells a little like baby powder, which I never liked the smell. Overall I still will use it, the smell wouldn’t put me off from using it.

  2. Harvey Prince |Spritz- This fragrance smells something Marc Jacobs’s Daisy products would smell. It starts smelling VERY STRONG like the women’s scent at Hollister Co., but it eventually just leaves you with a floral and fruity scent. I liked, it but I personally wouldn’t buy the full version. I’m more of a Chanel Mademoiselle, Gucci Premier, and Dolce & Gabana Light Blue kind of girl. 

  3. Macadamia Professional Healing Oil Spray- Y’all this stuff is LIFE! I was already before, but never tried this particular product. It’s a life saver for curly hair girls. GO BUY IT.

  4. TEMPTU- haven’t used this, but the pigment looks like it would be very noticeable on my skin tone, because it’s darker than my slightly tanned face.

  5. Tocca- I’m a sucker for lotions, I mean I have endless supplies of the Stress Relief- eucalyptus spearmint lotion from Bath and Body Works. This one is very smooth and creamy without feeling “heavy”. I hate when lotions feel heavy on me or leave a greasy residue. I liked this item.

  6. Bonus- Chapstick.- I’ve never been a fan of Chapstick mostly because I’m a regular, everyday, never leave the house with lipstick. I’ve done a post before about this, I think I now have over 12 lipsticks in different shades of red-plum shades form Chanel and Tom Ford. I liked this Chapstick however, and no not because it was free, but I feel like they changed the formula. It doesn’t leave that sticky residue I usually felt on my lips when my mom made me wear it when I was younger for chapped lips. It’s definitely changed since then, and I like it. Will be using it this winter since my lips tend to dry very easily from the cold wind.

What did you get in your birchbox? Let me know!

Until next time,
XoXo Felipa

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