Hi lovely readers!

It's Thanksgiving here in the states and I have spent it by eating and watching football. I'm thankful for having the opportunity to blog for a living, as well as being able to work at job that has a group full of people that makes working a 40 hours a week job enjoyable. I'm thankful for my family and friends and my dog Andy who loves me unconditionally.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Now go do some Black Friday and Cyber Monday fun! --Felipa

Now, here are some photos of all the food that I consumed on this Thanksgiving.

Hi Readers!

So, if you have been following me on Instagram lately, you might have noticed my very obvious addiction borderline obsession of Starbucks in the mornings. Well, the new holiday stuff they usually have every year is out and guess what the new stuff is?! The Dot Collection!

All of the mugs are actually ceramic and have different designs, all of which have the gold trim at the top of the mug. It's a 12oz mug, so ordering a tall is key, however, if you like the whip cream on your espresso drinks, like my go to White Chocolate Mocha, order a Short. Apparently, a Short size is really 10oz rather than 8oz everyone claims it is! I didn't know this until I started seeing all the comments on Instagram with the hashtag #DotCollection. My only complaint about the mug? The lid sucks. Plain and simple, it just sits on the inside of the mug with no suction whatsoever, even though it has rubber going around it. It's heavy enough because it's ceramic, but I wished it was securely on the mug, you can easily spill your coffee. Oh well, it's an annoyance I'm willing to ignore because it's beyond cute!

Here are my Instagram photo-ops of my new cute mug, and from what I've notice, what every single Fashion and Lifestyle blogger owns.

The one with the laptop ( that's my work computer) and pocky-doted notebook, was actually not staged! I didn't realize that the notebook and mug would match! It was actually an impulse by when I was standing in line to order my drink, haha!

I could not find my mug on the Starbucks website, but I did find a similar one here. I'm sure you can find one at your local Starbucks store, but hurry because I've spotted people looking at them yesterday. Also, I've seen photo's of people saying their mugs come in broken when they get delivered, I'd be a bit wary of that.

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On my previous post, I wrote about my November Birchbox. Well, for the past 5 months I have saved up the boxes all the samples have came in. Why? Well, back in August I decided I as going to repurpose the boxes how? I didn't know, until last night. 

I repurposed the boxes to use them as gift boxes for Christmas presents!

Here is how I did it:

  • 2 Birchboxes (One to wrap; one to cut for tracing)
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick (not pictured)

Step One: I took one of the boxes and cut down the sides for both the top lid and bottom.
Step Two: Take the Christmas wrapping paper of your choice and trace around the birchbox you cut, then cut it out. 
Step Three: After you cut out the outline of the box, use the glue stick and apply it to both the paper and box. This will bond the wrapping paper to the box. 
Step Four: Repeat the steps for the bottom of the box.

And you are done! Check out my pictures of the boxes and the finished product. 

How will you repurpose your Birchbox boxes?  Like my wrapping paper? I bought it at Target!

Until next time,

Earlier this month, I received my monthly Birchbox with all sorts of goodies. I've had the time to test all the products out. I was surprised to see that I actually liked all the products. Usually it's a hit and miss for me, in that one or two items are the only ones I like. With this particular box, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not pictured, is a blush. The coconut chips were delicious, the hair oil was amazing on my unruly and sometimes dry curly hair. The firming collagen day cream is good, but not as good as some of the other face creams I've used in the past. The perfume, it smelled good, but I'm not a big fan of flowery scents, I like citrus scents. 

I can't wait to see what I get for December! My only complaint, whenever we get a choice for the box, I'm always sent the email late and all the good stuff is usually gone by the time it's time for me to choose. Womp womp. :/

Until next time,

Last weekend, I threw a bridal shower for my cousin. Why would I do that? Well, because I also happen to be her maid of honor. She has been engaged for almost 2 years! The big day is actually a few weeks away, December 13, 2014 to be exact. So, seeing as it is one of the most exciting times of a girl’s life, I wanted to throw Ana, my cousin, a fabulous bridal shower!
Welcome to the bridal shower.

This is what happens when you have a Selfie Stick and a frame. You get selfies with guest and an oscar selfie.

These are just some of the many photos that were taken that night. I thought I would share an event that had been planed for a few months now. 

Now there are only 22 days until December 13, 2014, which happens to be the day of the wedding. A little secret, my bridesmaids dress fits a little big. Oops. :D

I'll be traveling to Austin, Texas for the wedding so that should be fun. Well, it's in the Austin Area, more like Cedar Park at The Oasis on Lake Travis.

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Hi there readers!

So I've decided to get another domain name besides felipavillegas.com. My name domain will now become my professional portfolio instead of having a fun blog + portfolio at the same time. So in doing so, I have decided to move my blog once again, but this time to this new address, with a whole new name: Life with Felipa. Why the name change? Well, I felt like it was time to move my fun blog away from my professional life.

I want to be able to share more fun stuff like DIYs, fashion, music, and well, my life. Not that I'm trying to move away or hide my life from employers or anything. I'm not a party girl, so there's no problem there. I think if I'm going to direct network contacts to my website, I would like them to see my work, rather than dig through all my hobby posts.

I'm in the process of migrating most of my blogs here, but in the mean time, I will be updating this fairly regularly.


I’ve been away for way too long! It’s been a busy month so far and it’s only going to get even busier! There’s events all month! Either organizing or attending and the logistics are overwhelming. 

I have been planning a bridal shower for the better part of 3 months now, and it’s finally this weekend. That would be the great part, right? Wrong. Nothing about it is great. There’s a chance of rain with high temperatures topping off at 40*F. AWESOME!

I can’t wait to show you all the set-up and decorations of the party!

Until Next Time,

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