Today I decided to finally paint the mason jars that I use for organization on my desk. About a month ago, I was browsing through Pinterest and noticed how others had painted their mason jars to match their decor on their desk. My desk and bookshelves are all black, so I decided that I would keep with the theme, but this time with black chalkboard paint.

I bought all materials from Michaels except for the mason jars, those were purchased at Walmart, but to save yourself the trip, you can purchase individual ones at Michaels. The only prepping I did was take a cotton ball and added rubbing alcohol to the outside of the mason jar. I read this online, apparently it's so the paint sticks to the glass, and as far as I can see it worked, the paint has yet to peel off.

Have you ever painted on glass? What are some of your tips? Let me know in the comments.
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