Have you ever needed to take notes but perhaps only had you laptop and low on battery? Or maybe you just need to take quick notes without lugging an extra pad or notebook with you? Well, you can now turn you laptop into a multipurpose use machine, in terms of a non-technical traditional kind of way.

In comes DrawAttention. What is DrawAttention?: It's a whiteboard sticker, for your laptop. Yes the product is real. Trust me, I own one. Wondering how this business started? Here's a little snippet from the products website:
"DrawAttention started when in November of 2014, Kyle made a whiteboard sticker for his laptop and posted a picture of it on Facebook. It exploded with likes, comments, and requests to buy one. That's it, that's all it took. He spent $13 on a domain name, whipped up a logo, and in 10 hours - built a site with e-commerce, analytics, social media, and email marketing."  
Excerpt from: DrawAttention.co

How did I hear of DrawAttention's Laptop Whiteboard Sticker? Yeah... I actually work with one of the co-founders, Kyle Taylor. (The other co-founder is Eric Swayne).

I use my whiteboard sticker to jot down quick notes during my content marketing meetings at work, or whenever I have ideas for my personal blog or even just writing my daily schedule. I find it useful for using it on this very blog. Want an example? Take a look at this:

This is actually saving me time. Instead of going on photoshop or illustrator to draw arrows and adding words to products I'm displaying for this blog, I can already do it and not have to take all the extra steps.

Want your own? Go to DrawAttention.co

How will you use yours? Blog, school, everyday notes? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo
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