by Felipa Villegas, 10:07 PM
As a blogger, I occasionally receive items to review, and I recently was selected by Influenster to receive two full-sized products by the Schwarzkopf Ultime products.
Schwarzkopf Ultmie CreamOne of the items I received was the Ultime Elastin Curls & Moisture Curl Defining Cream. I thought that it was incredible. The cream feels like you’re putting conditioner in your hair. It definitely doesn’t feel gunky like when putting on some thick gel or even some leave-in conditioners. I used this product when my hair was slightly damp and when it dried it left it shiny, and my curls were more defined and the best part perhaps was that it made them FRIZZ FREE! I plan on buying more of this product once I finish the one that was sent to me. I believe it’s available exclusively at Walmart stores.
sprayThe second item I received was the Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Elastin Curls & Moisture Soft Tousle Spray. I’ll tell you right now that I was not a fan of this spray. I’ve never been a fan of any of the “tousle sprays”. I have curly hair, and it’s also very porous and can easily dry out. This spray did just that; it dried it out. It felt like I was putting dry shampoo in my hair and made it look kind of dead. I tried three different times. Once when my hair was dry–it felt super chalky and dry. On the second day, I put it on my damp hair and let it air dry. This made my hair have beachy waves that looked good, but there was no shine to my hair. Again, my hair is curly and very porous, so I suspect that there was no shine of this reason. On the third occasion of using this product, I had straightened my hair and then used it, to see how it would look. It left my hair feel heavy and just a tousled hot mess. I don’t think this product was meant for my hair type at all. Maybe if you use it just on wet hair, it’ll look good, but any other way, it’s a hit or miss look.
I hope my review helped some of y’all’s decision on these two products. Remember I have curly so that you could have different results to these products.
Schwarzkopf and Influenster provided the products for review and use. All opinions are my own. 
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