I recently have become more interested in photography than before. I even invested in my first "prime lens" instead of using the kit lens on my Canon EOS Rebel T5.

A Little About The Lens I Purchased:

Last week, I went to Fry's and purchased a 24mm Canon Lens for my camera. It wasn't a spur of the moment purchase, I've been eyeing a few of the Canon Prime Lenses for quite a while. After reading up on the different lenses, I settled on the smallest "pancake lens" available within my budget. I've read countless of bloggers' blogs that said the 50mm and 80mm are the best for portraits. 

What really sold me on the 24mm one was that, one it's AMAZING at wide angle shots, but also when filming or focusing on subject (person) whether it be a youtube video or an outfit of the day, this little lens blurs the background and adds a little vignette to photographs. I LOVE THAT! Also, it has a very quiet automatic focus, so when you film, there's NO noise if using the camera's built-in mic. 

No Need for A Wireless SD Card or Camera:

Now back to the topic at hand. Did you read the title of the blog? Yeah, well I was SERIOUSLY thinking about buying one of those wifi-enabled SD cards, since my Canon T5 doesn't actually have a wireless feature like most newer cameras. Not that it's old, but it is an entry-level DSLR, so not all the bell and whistles are added to this model. 

If you every Google the wifi SD cards, they are EXPENSIVE! You can get a 32GB SD cards these days for as little as $8 on Amazon, but these wifi ones run you $40 just for 8GB. NOPE. 

Long story short, I found out that the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader by Apple, is now compatible with any iPhone that is running the most current iOS and is iPhon5 to the newest models. This will make sharing photos faster than I thought possible! It's $31 with tax and free shipping if you live in Texas. I can now buy a lot of cheap SD cards that hold more photos! Also, it makes for quick editing and Instagram sharing if you are on location or what have you and you don't have your laptop with you to transfer photos!

Would you buy this accessory? Let me know in the comments! I'll film a short review of the SD camera reader once it comes in, which it will on Thursday. 
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