How to Budget and Save for Things You Want

We all know what's happening right now. There are, last time checked, nearly 22 million American's suffering from unemployment as a result of COVID-19. This also means many that those still employed are looking to save money because of the economic uncertainty or they happen to find themselves having to help family members through these tough times. Regardless, I believe in being responsible with money, so you never find yourself in a bind for unexpected expenses. I'm also a big believer in the "treat yourself" motto, so while I am saving I can still have money left to make fun purchases.
Succeed at Being a Full-Time Online University Student

COVID-19 has upended students across the country and how they were used to learning. I was lucky enough to take 2 online classes when I was an undergrad at the University of Texas at Arlington so I learned early on how disciplined you had to be in order to get through the semester. The real test came when I decided to go back to school for my master’s degree. I enrolled in a fully online master’s program as a full-time student at St. Edward’s University from fall 2018 – fall 2019. 

graduate school - why I am attending

I left the blog for a while there because I was deciding on some big life decisions. Actually, it's not that big, but it does impact my free time. I had always said I would go back to school to get another degree because, in an ideal world, I'd be a professional student. However, I have to pay bills, so I became a working adult.

Fast forward four years and I finally decided that another undergrad degree wasn't something that interested anymore, but rather furthering my current career as a digital marketer. Back in May, I was fiddling with the idea of maybe it's time to go back. I looked at various schools with Digital Marketing degrees. However, the catch was that it would have to be a strictly online degree, from an accredited school of course. After finally pulling the trigger and applied to 3 programs, which all happened to be Master in Science degrees. Yep, that's right, I applied for graduate school.
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