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Hey hey!

How are y’all?!  I am sitting here in my bedroom staring at all the carved wooden penis’s I was gifted in Jakarta. We’ve been enjoying our time off, but rest assure, we’ve actually been super busy. We’ve spent the last week or so picking out pictures for our new album, ‘Dirty Work’. Without saying too much, this is easily the most fun I’ve ever had when making an album’s artwork. Really psyched about how its coming along.

As for JAGK, thank you for everyone who has gone out and picked something up over our BlaGK Friday sales! We’re going to be doing a JAGK Hunt Contest soon and have some more sales/cool opportunities very soon.

2011 is looking busier and busier every day for us. We’re super excited about playing more shows along with new songs. The next time we hit the stage, we’ll be making our way down to Brazil and other parts of South America. Never been! Then we’ll be heading across the pond to tour with our homies in Yellowcard.

On that same note of touring, stay tuned as we will be making some very exciting announcements soon ;)

What’s everyone listening to these days? I’ve been bumping the new Good Charlotte ‘Cardiology’ record, the We Are The In Crowd EP, the last Hit The Lights record (excited for new stuff) and the newest ‘Dirty Work’ mixes :) Comment on the blog and let me know what I should be checking out!

Hope everyone is safe and warm this holiday. And by safe, I mean wear 2 condoms.


Ps. I’ve attached a picture of my bedroom so you’ll all know where you’re gonna be sleeping

3 things to checkout.
2) Get Sleazy- Kesha
3) Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars feat. Kanye West

My Official Website and Blog!

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My Official Website and Blog!

Outfit of the day…Grey open cardigan (Forever21), Black Sleeveless Ruffle Shirt (White House|Black Market), Leopard Ombre Pink, Grey and Black Scarf (Target), Hair (Mines..Haha!), and Glasses (Coach)

A recession could turn in to a depression.

by Felipa Villegas, 11:24 PM

I can’t help but see the news and hear how around 40 million Americans will lose unemployment benefits at midnight Tuesday. I think extending these benefits will help the economy at least with people buying gifts for the holidays. I don’t think Washington could be a big Grinch now when it is holiday season. Most importantly it’s Christmas. It would be heart-breaking seeing families go without their holiday traditions just because benefits will run out. I’d rather see the federal government go into debt and help families out. The federal deficit is at an all time high and cutting, raising or freezing taxes to American families is the least of the problems when people could go hungry. 

Last night on the news I heard that starting weeks in advanced of the XLV Super Bowl in Arlington, the city will be closing certain streets. Collins will be having less lanes because of certain street closures. January marks the start of a new school semester at UTA so that also means a possible increase in student enrollment which means more traffic. I really think the city needs to reconsider the street closures. This past weekend I went to a Super Bowl XLV Volunteering training session in which Tony Dorsett said that half the people in attendance for the actual game are press,  and NFL sponsors. He said they expect to have around a million people coming thru the DFW Metroplex in the weeks leading up to the game. I hope everyone between Dallas and Fort Worth that commute to Arlington like I do are ready for the traffic. It’s going to be a nightmare.

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Back To Your Heart- Backstreet Boys 

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I don’t know how to be something you miss.

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"Last Kiss"- Taylor Swift

C'est la vie.

by Felipa Villegas, 9:54 PM

I lost my license Monday afternoon and thus I had to pay a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Carrollton, Texas. This isn’t the funnest of places to spend a Tuesday afternoon. I waited in line for an hour just to be handed a piece of paper check 4 boxes, sign my name and pay $11 for a replacement. The only good thing about losing my license is that I got to take a better picture than the original one. In the whole process of me being there, there was some random guy that decides he was just going to cut in front of me. I’m all for letting people in front of me if they just have a question but this guy had a question that took 37 minutes to answer. Everyone could hear the conversation so I think I’m allowed to share the story. So he was trying to renew his license ( I didn’t know that foreign exchange students have to renew their licenses every year they are in school) he found out he couldn’t since he didn’t have all of his documents. What I found a bit suspicious is that he tried using his student I.D. as identification. His I.D. was from Texas A&M, I’m pretty sure A&M is in College Station and not in Carrollton. Well that was my DMV story. I’ve noticed that every time I go something happens, last time I was there someone got arrested. 

Until the next time.

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If you ever loved me please, have some mercy on me.

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Life makes love look hard,

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How freaking exciting is this?!?!!? BSB and NKOTB!! 

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This is hilarious! watch it on youtube!

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Neals poster :)

I can’t wait to see his face! 

I am wise beyond my years. Not that independent but I’m working on it.  I can stand and look at you. I really want to be there ‘always & forever’. Forget all of this. I think we should just go hang in a place far away from the people with nothing to do gives their verdict; a verdict of me and you. My halo is slightly askew but it shines so bright. “People like to throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard.” The Texas’ Sunset never looked so nice. Winter is yearning; the leaves are truly falling. The air is getting crisp and harsh, just like where this is going. I’ll turn a leave and never look back. This isn’t the ending we wanted to see. Always & forever, it was never meant to be. I see now that this might have never been the place where you wanted to be.

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This is freaking Hilarious!

So, I voted today. Anyone else notice that Proposition 1 (in Dallas) had a strong showing? If you don’t know what that is, it’s to allow beer and wine sales in the “Dry Areas”. It will increase tax revenue, but I can expect to see more drunks on the streets since it passed. Less politics starting…now. Ok, I went to game 6 of the ALCS. It was awesome! I witnessed the Rangers beat the Yankees and then I watched them lose to the Giants. What a bummer. I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be, but upset nonetheless. I get to see Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburg Penguins Wednesday night go against the Dallas Stars. I cant wait till I get to see the Mavs go against the Miami Heat! I already have my tickets! Alright, that’s all that’s been happening, oh and Harry Potter comes out in 17 days. No. Big. Deal.

Time for an update.

by Felipa Villegas, 12:07 AM

Went to the Rangers home game on Friday, sold Saturday’s Rangers tickets because I had Stars tickets (They were given to me by the organization with a players jersey that smells so bad even after being washed by the and me 3 times!..yuck! But it’s signed. Win?) they won 3-2 in the shoot out so it was an exciting game. Sunday rolled around went to the Allen Outlets (bargain shoppers are crazy!) then watched the Cowboys game and got a headache. Take a guess why… Monday watched the Rangers game. Awesomeness! Tuesday(today) studied for Wednesday Mid-Terms which should be illegal knowing there was a Rangers game. Done.

So I spent about 16 hours in front of the TV this weekend watching sports and was let down…Except for the Dallas Stars win in the shoot out. Then today, Tuesday, I watched history happen! The Texas Rangers finally one a playoff series! On the road no less! What do I do you may ask? Well more like what does my mom do? Spend around $2000 on tickets for Friday’s and Saturday’s home game at the Ball Park and including any other possible home games. Oh forgot to say that I won a Dallas Stars Sweepstakes. I don’t know what I won but I know I did. I’ve been waiting for their phone call most of the weekend and week. Well Off to bed I go. Do work. Antlers. Claws.

Dish Network is the Devil!

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I have a bone to pick with a little satellite provider named Dish Network! I can’t believe they are having issues with Fox again. I’m a sports junkie and was devastated when I heard Dish Network didn’t renew the contract to be able to broadcast FSN (Fox Sports Network). I will not be able to see the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars (61 games are being played on FSN), Texas Rangers, or Big 12 Football. To make matters worse they announced that if a contract can’t be resolved or reached they will also take off KDFW Fox4….What about my Dallas Cowboys…NFL Football Sunday?!?! This is getting out of control! They did the same thing to me and every other Dish customer last season when they decided not to carry or blackout 45 Dallas Stars games. The only reason I have Dish is because it is one of the cheapest cable/satellite providers in the metroplex. Sports channels are $8 and includes FSN(well it used to), NHL Network, NBA Network, Tennis, Golf, and NFL Redzone. I know other companies don’t include all these channels for that little. I have sent e-mails and have made phone calls to them many times complaining about these issues and usually are with the sports channels. They always give customers the runaround and blame it on the broadcasting companies. I’m sick of their customer service. Free local channels and HD free for life does little for me when I can’t see my teams play. I heard similar issues are occurring with Time Warner Cable and their contract with WFAA channel 8. These big companies just want cheap programming yet make the customer pay ridiculous high premiums to watch television. Give what the people want and maybe these cable/satellite providers would have satisfied customers. I am not a happy camper with my provider. I guess I’ll be looking to switch unless Dish and get it together and give me what I paid for. 

If you have Dish and are fed-up with their issues re-blog this post.

one forty plus: Postcard

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Greetings from the land of complete thoughts and a strong sense of self worth!

A lot of you are wondering why I decided to quit Twitter. And I’m ready to explain it to you now that I’m off Twitter and can explain anything in a salient manner. It occurred to me that since the invocation of…

one forty plus: Postcard

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<param name="movie" value="

First youtube video :) Enjoy :) Subscribe to my channel and to my tumblr :)

Re-blog please :)

Everyone's getting sick.

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Finally I can stay awake! I had been feeling under the weather since Saturday. It was rainy and what do I decide to do? Oh yeah, spend like 6 hours at the American Airlines Center sitting next to the ridiculously cold ice! Sunday was my 21st birthday and I didn’t even get to enjoy it! I was asleep most of the day as well as Monday.


Today is Tuesdays and I woke up to the news about the UT shooter. What a sad and scary story  to be hearing. I have lots of friends that go there so I was very concern. I then got to thinking what if this were to happen at UTA? It’s a scary thought but also very possible. I hope my school has a plan in case God forbid this ever happen. Going to campus tomorrow even though I don’t go to UT it’s still makes me a little paranoid.

Oh yeah! I started a new YouTube channel which I will post more details about in another post.

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Everything Is You- Eli Young Band

I treated you like an angel..

I love this song!

On my death bed.

by Felipa Villegas, 9:12 PM

I blame the Dallas Stars! Beyond sick and can’t enjoy the gorgeous weather outside! My head feels like it has its own pulse! It’s that intense.

I’ll keep y’all posted!

Hey everyone!

So I’m totally excited about the fair this year! Why you may ask? Well, because I’m going to the fair with some of my best friends in the world! That’s why! Plus, we are going Texas/OU Weekend which just makes that much exciting! Oh don’t forget the food either! The fair opens this TODAY! I’m going next weekend and it’s going to be the most rad experience ever! I know I’ve been to the fair since I was born and you’d think I wouldn’t be this excited for it but I am. My goal is to only spend $100, last year I went a little crazy and spent close to $500 but that doesn’t compare to one year where I spent near $1000…yeah I know crazy! Well the food I’m looking forward to eating this year is the Fried Frito Pie, Fletcher’s Corny Dog, and maybe a beer, frozen and fried margarita or two.  PLUS! Eli Young Band will be there to sing that day! AWESOMENESS! 

Here’s what I’ll be wearing that day as well as my friends:

                                                                                                     State Fair Attire

For The Record: I will be of age (21) the day I go to the fair so I’ll be able to consume alcoholic beverages..nothing illegal going down just FYI. I turn 21 on Sunday! Woop Woop.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows new trailer premiere…NO BIG DEAL!

Has anyone else seen this story on the news? Well I saw it last night on ABC’s show Nightline. I didn’t pay much attention until this morning on Good Morning America. There was a journalism student doing a story for class that involved Apple. She tried to get in contact with the Media Relations part of the Apple Company and never received and email, so she decides to e-mail the big man! No I’m not talking about God. I’m talking about Steve Jobs, the founder and creator or Apple. You know the iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook, iTunes, iMac, etc etc. Well she emailed him at his personal email (very discreet huh?). She wanted to know why they(Media Relations) didn’t respond promptly. He emailed her back saying with so many customers (300 million customers) there’s no way to respond. She said if they could because a certain assignment was to be due the next day. Jobs responded with we can’t make you get a good grade. The girl emailed back saying she didn’t want a better grade just a response. The last email from Jobs said “Leave us alone.” I thought this was funny. As they should the email exchange on the news it shows where the student emailed him from a BlackBerry. I think that was mistake number ONE! Hello the man invented the iPhone! At least try to be relevant. I feel bad for the journalism student, well because I’m in a journalism class right now. I think Steve Jobs could have been nicer in his response but he can finally be bully after years of he possibly being intimidated for being a nerd. He’s worth $5.5 Billion he’s allowed to be mean.

I think I’m being biased mostly because I’m an Apple product junkie! I have the iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Apple TV. My next purchase might just be the iPad and the iMac. He takes a lot of my money to say the least. Don’t even get me started with iTunes and MobileMe.

Well I thought I would share this little story that has gotten national news over a few email exchange between the journalism student and Steve Jobs.


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It’s just the fourth week of school and there are papers, quizzes, and reading from here to China! Too much! Thank God for music, hockey games and work to keep me a little sane! 

Here is some music I have on my iPod Playlist for this week! Enjoy! 

  1. Better Thank Her- Matisse featuring Akon

  2. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room- John Mayer

  3. Stuck With Each Other- Shontelle Featuring Akon

  4. Just A Dream- Nelly

  5. Like a G6- Far East Movement

  6. Mine- Taylor Swift

  7. ET- Katy Perry

  8. Last Friday Night (TGIF)- Katy Perry

  9. Animal- Neon Trees

  10. Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland

  11. Love Like Whoa- The Ready Set

  12. Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars

  13. Our Kind of Love- Lady Antebellum

  14. As She’s Walking Away- Zach Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson

  15. A Little More Stronger- Sera Evans

  16. The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert

GE X5 camera...I geeked out just a little.

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Ge Power Pro Series X5 Bridge Digital Camera 14MP, 15X Optical Zoom, 2.7”LCD, Ois, 27mm wide angle lens, 3200 Iso with advanced features such as Auto Scene Detection, Pan-Capture Panorama, Smile&Blink Detection, Face Tracking, Red-Eye Removal, Auto LCD. 

Yup. That’s the camera I purchased from Walmart for only $166 with 2 day shipping. It’s getting to my house either tomorrow or Thursday…. People just don’t understand how excited I am about digital cameras….UPS man is going to have to speed it up!

Heres how it looks:

                                                                              GE X5

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I can’t find my other photo’s but they are somewhere in my computer.

Today I decided that I will attempt to take a good photo with the Dallas Stars young player Jaime Benn. It’s one of my many goals as is taking a picture with Brad Richards (this one is going to be a little harder). I have recently purchased tickets to 2 games this season. One for a preseason game against the Colorado Avalanche next Friday. The other game is for November 3 against the Pittsburgh Penguins (I really just want to finally meet Sidney Crosby). I might also be going to the regular season opener against the Detroit Red Wings. I want to see Mike Modano kinda. It was about time hockey season started! I’ve been having withdrawals but this also applies to basketball!

Totally different sport BUT yesterday my favorite tennis player won the US Open! Vamos Rafael Nadal!

I will post a few pictures after this post, plus another post because I have to talk about something über awesome!

one forty plus: To The Fans

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Thank you all so much for making the Battle Studies tour such a huge success and a pleasure. I’m going to miss seeing your faces every night. Thanks for singing along. And for accepting me. You don’t know how good that feels. And thanks for the signs, the clever, funny, awesome signs. And for…

Probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too….AC/DC concert and my very first Backstreet Boys concert :)

one forty plus: To The Fans

Jonas Brothers Concert

by Felipa Villegas, 8:38 AM

Well wasn’t that a pleasant experience. There were so many Tweens there! Now that I’m getting close to 21 years old I noticed my hearing is going bad (probably has to do with my iPod but whatever)! I had to help greet the VIP’s… They were out of control! The screaming the crying! Blah! The best part of the concert had to be seeing Demi Lovato trip twice while doing her set. It was a long night. I wonder if they got up for school. Dave Mathews Band was epic. That is all.

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DJing from the bathroom using djay remote. Sweet release! #TMI #DealWithIt #endoftourparty

Love this man.

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Jesse McCartney’s New Single- “Shake”


This really has to be the longest day I have ever lived through where it wouldn’t stop raining!

It all started this morning at 5:30am which is when I woke up to get ready to make my drive to Arlington for school. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I didn’t make it past 5 miles from my house when I decided to turn around and go home and avoid all the traffic! I was on the highway for 43 minutes (that’s how long it usually takes to get to Arlington)! When I got home I watched the news then realized there was a lot of flooding all over the metroplex. 

It just kept raining….IT WAS NEVER ENDING RAIN!

Then, 5pm came and that’s when the tornado sirens just kept going off for about 20 minutes all over Dallas County! I could see the dark ominous clouds as they approached my house (this sentence sounds like a line out of novel..Ha!). 

Well that was my day. I’d rather not repeat this day EVER again, but then again I do live in Texas so I’d guess I better deal with it. 

Here’s a photo for your viewing pleasure.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Don’t have a clue why I love this photo.

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GPOYW - A Self Portrait of The Artist Three Days Before His Metaphoric Retirement

And this is why you should follow John Mayer on Tumblr….You get photos like this one!

The John Mayer concert on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at the Center in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas was so EPIC! I know today is Tuesday and I’m barely writing about it. Well I was making sure I had everything correct before writing without all the information. It was a wonderful Saturday night for a concert outdoors! I sat in the lawn because I had free tickets from my job (beats having to pay $45 for lawn tickets). The opening act was Owl City. He had a good performance considering the audio usually is sub par to the actual headliner. I only knew ONE song of his so I wasn’t paying very much attention. Then, after a 35 minute set and a 15 minute intermission, John Mayer FINALLY came out to wow the crowd! I loved the 2 and a half hour concert consisting of 19 songs and a few minutes of his wittiness and wisdom. His playlist: Chest Fever, Vultures, No Such Thing, Perfectly Lonely, Ain’t No Sunshine, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Heartbreak Warfare, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, 3x5, Your Body is a Wonderland, Why Georgia, Voodoo Child, Who Says, Gravity, Do You Know Me, Half of My Heart, Don’t Stop Believing, Warning Sign and for the encore performance he sang Edge of Desire. He is a wonderful singer and GREAT an AMAZING guitarist! He also did a mini tribute to one of his heroes and Dallas’ own Stevie Ray Vaughn. As a fan I did purchase a few merchandise items. Artist really know how to make fans broke! A $30 tour t-shirt and $10 silly bandz. If any of you who are currently reading this blog ever get the chance to see John Mayer live in you city or town PLEASE go see him! Many might not like him because of his personality or what have you, but if you want to see a real artist in concert with like I said before AMAZING guitar skills and vocal abilities then GO SEE HIM!

You can view a 12 minute video from portions of the songs he sang that night right below this post.

Here is the video that played while he was singing “Edge of Desire”:

One last thing: John Mayer’s Tumblr read it! He’s pretty interesting.

[vimeo 14716939 w=500 h=281]

John Mayer Live in Concert! Battle Studies Tour in Dallas Texas!

I had always noticed that when I go into a room that has the light on I tend to turn it off then on again. I do this EVERY TIME! Only in my house though. I also do the same with those lamps that have the 3 settings. I turn it on all the way then off then on again, but the second time I leave it on. The “problem” is only with lights though. My mom noticed today as i walked into the kitchen turned off the lights and then on again. She said she has noticed me doing this before. I don’t do this purposely it’s more of an odd habit/routine I suppose. When I’m a school or sitting at a table with pencils, pens, paper, etc I’ve noticed I never place them straight up and down, or should I say vertically? Well I always place them an angle. This I believe is probably because I’m right handed. I hate when a label of a Starbucks cup, water bottle or soft drink doesn’t face me directly. I always rotate them.


Writing this entry made me realize I could possibly have a bit of OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and maybe even be my own Dr. Phil! Ha!

P.S.: Tomorrow is going to be GRAND! JOHN MAYER CONCERT!

Last Friday (August 27) was my first day of classes for this fall semester. I only had 2 though so it wasn’t so bad. Yesterday, which happened to be Monday (I always have a case of the Monday’s, refer to the movie Office Space if you want to know what I’m talking about) was my OFFICIAL first FULL day of classes! I had Journalism-Reporting from 8:00am-9:50am, Geology Lecture from 10:00am-11:00am, French 3 from 11-to noon, then LUNCH BREAK! After lunch was Geology lab that lasted only 15 minutes then some off time until I went to my world literature class from 2:30pm-3:50pm. Monday was sooo long! Let me back track a bit by saying I’m a commuting student this year! FUN TIMES! I leave my house at 6:15am to arrive to Arlington at 7:30am. Stemmons Freeway, 183, and 360 can be pretty ridiculous at times. I start it up all over again tomorrow except I don’t have lab but I’ll be in the library finishing up my lab so I don’t know if I should be excited. I’m excited for the weekend though! Friday concert/work watching Creed, then Saturday John Mayer! 

I think I’ll post a music clip of the song I can always listen to and not get bored with. :)


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All I can do is be me, whoever that is.

Bob Dylan

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)-Katy Perry

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"Like, OMG baby" by Dj Earworm Music Mashup

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Better than Her- Matisse

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<param name="movie" value="

"Hands"-The Ting Tings

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Silly Boy- Eva Simons (Dutch Artist that sounds like Rihanna and Lady Gaga)


My Heart Is Yours- Justin Nozuka

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After Tonight- Justin Nozuka

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Yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.

Bob Dylan

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The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.

Bob Marley

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e.l.f makeup the black-line is the “studio collection.” this line is $3!!! The brushes are amazing! They feel just like the MAC brand brushes! I truly love this line too! It has primer, concealers, tone correction etc etc! Pick it up at a target near you!

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I love this makeup! It’s called e.l.f. Eye.Lips.Face. The white line (notice the packaging) is literally just $1!!!!! So cheap! But does not skimp on quality! Find it at a target near you. Next up the black line….

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It’s easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you.

Bertrand Russell

People are being to sensitive about bullies. I know that it hurts kids feelings. I should know I was bullied when I was younger. People are cruel and it’s just the way things are. Bullies are the reason why people become successful in life. They shape people to be better than those who are mean and selfish. I bet Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were bullied. They are extremely successful. I think the kids from this generation have gotten way crazy. I don’t agree with this whole go kill yourself kinda bullying. What are these crazy kids watching. I think it starts with the parenting. Somewhere down the road they didn’t show them. I’ve never heard of kids being depressed in the 3rd grade. That’s bananas! I was pretty happy kid never going through these type of things. “Mean Girls” in high school never really existed. Now I turn on the news and people act just like them. What has high school become? Take in consideration I’ve only been out for 2 years. Also what’s with these all out brawls on each other?!? Maybe things have gotten out of hand. No more is “4 eyes” bullying. Now there’s cyber bullying. They need to turn it down a notch.


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Look for the girl with the broken smile

Maroon 5

This summer was ok. I went on vacation at the beginning of summer to visit my dad in Mexico and in Vancouver. I took 2 summer classes online no less. Never again. I hate online classes. I’m just not that type of learner. I guess I’d rather sit in a boring lecture half asleep then having the self-motivation to learn it on my own. I finally got a sweet summer job that I plan to keep throughout the rest of the year. I couldn’t have asked for a better job! Promoting, marketing and best of all I attend concerts for free. This summer has honestly dragged on for too long. I had plenty of fun with people. I’ve struggled to maintain my cool for too long. I need to get out and my way out is by learning and consuming myself in school and sports too, which by the way the Texas Rangers are doing amazing and have really gotten into baseball. Hockey and Basketball season is just around the corner which marks the beginning of fall! As I write this I’m already thinking about tomorrow. I guess I should stop. Oh and hey you, I wished you would stop writing to me. I can only deal with so much and you know my breaking point. That’s not very nice of you, but then again when were you nice to me?



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"2012"- Jay Sean feat Nicki Minaj

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Don’t waste your moments with people who don’t deserve a moment of your time.

Kanye West

After we have stopped communicating weather through text, aim, phone calls, voicemails etc. I think I finally can say I’m no longer bitter about how things abruptly ended after giving you chances to come back just like the song by The Plain White T’s- “If you come back to me I’ll be here waiting because I still believe in a love worth saving..” I never understood why you never wanted to make it work. Always had to mess with what was working and never really caring  until I finally stopped caring. I wouldn’t say after 9+months of being with you was a waste. There was some ups but too many downs that I don’t think I ever deserved to go through. I guess things happen for a reason and now I know what I want and what I believed I wanted then. You live and learn, I sure know I did. After getting that LONG email, I read through it like one of those other emails where I scan and delete because I don’t care. What was said and done it’s in the past and there’s no way I could ever make myself go back. I don’t care to go back, not anymore. Maybe if was earlier I would have responded but now what we had is nothing but a memory. I could never wish bad things but I don’t wish you well. I hope you can move on just as I have done. This is what I wanted to tell you if I had replied, but just replying to you would suck me into a universe I wish not be in. If you ever come across my blog then you will know this was for you. 

Forever & Always,


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"Another Try"-Josh Turner

I just finished watching the movie “The Other Guys” at a special screening. I generally love Will Ferrell movies but this one wasn’t all there. I think it was like his “Bewitched” movie. There so many forced jokes that they weren’t even funny! I was seriously disappointed considering I’m always excited to see his films. I wished he would go back to making films like “Old School, Night at the Roxbury, Taledega Night”… I honestly wouldn’t waste my money on going to watch this movie and thank goodness I didn’t and it was free :). The “funny parts” are literally the ones you see in the trailers that are aired on tv. To tell you the truth those weren’t even funny either. I think you should wait for it to go on DVD which I expect it to go quickly.


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Just an array of colors on my nails because I got bored…and I totally wanted to try out my new Matte Nail Polish by Essie!

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Hear it here first! Mine-Taylor Swift…Her new single off her new album Speak Now!

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It’s a backstabbing world honey.

Dan Layus

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Silly’s Pizza

I’m lookin’ to get a little crazy with the order here. Ya got a meatball hero?
Chicken cutlet? What’ya got?

ahh me wants!

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I love this burberry look!

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Don’t they just camouflage? :)

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I’m A little More Country Than That- Great Piano Rendition of the sung!

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Hurricane Haley- FTSK


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MacBook Pro

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Paper Gangsta- Lady Gaga

[audio Lullaby.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Whiskey Lullaby- Brad Paisley featuring Allison Krauss.

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I can’t believe I got a glimpse of the fierce Lady Gaga!

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Help Me- Nick Carter

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We are all giddy and ruffling our feathers to kick off the summer season.  Keeping cool and looking good is easy, breezy and effortless with the help of our light-hearted friend, the ruffle!  Whimsical breaths of girlish charm show a playfulness and elude to an anything-goes-attitude!  Mixing the ruffle with the ever-popular asymmetrical trend results in a summer crush that wont let you down.

Purchase a pack of white tees (the more tees, the more ruffles you can create).  Cut off a few inches from the bottom hem.  The wider the panel, the larger the ruffle. Cut off one sleeve with sharp fabric scissors for the asymmetrical neck.  Scrunch, pin, and sew to the diagonal neckline.  If your tee is too loose around the underarm, add a few stitches or pin it to achieve the perfect fit! 

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If you haven’t been struck by the tie die movement that has come back in a big (and amazing) way… then you’ve been living under a rock.  The hippie loving color burst designs have been seen on runways, fashion mags, and found their way into my closet!

Have fun tie diy’ing (as i like to call it) with just about anything and everything… get creative and re-invent your bags, dresses, scarves, shoes!

For a fast, fun, and easy alternative to liquid dye- try Simply Spray.. its to DYE for!

Peace. Love. and Tye Dye!

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She Said- Stephen Jerzak featuring Leighton Meester.

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Villegas is big in these places apparently.

Did you know that the average student will spend over $500 per term buying textbooks? Seems like an awful lot of money to buy textbooks that often get opened one time, right? Well, with, you will save hundreds!
So stop wasting your money and start renting from I’m on the bandwagon and I’ve saved enough to buy all my term papers! Not really, but I have saved some serious cash by Chegging my books. I have a promo code that will save you an additional 5% off your total order, useCC130309.
Want proof?
Essential Biology by Campbell, Reece & Simon is $83.18 if you buy it on If you rent it on, it’s only $11.78. That’s a savings of over $71!
It’s so simple, just search for the books you need and place your order. Chegg will ship them to you fast and at the end of the term you ship them back for free. What’s really cool is that they plant a tree for every order.
Don’t forget to visit and use promo code CC130309.

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SuperNova- Mr. Hudson ft Kanye West.

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I pray your brakes go out runnin’ down a hill
I pray a flowerpot falls from a window sill and knocks you in the head like I’d like to
I pray your birthday comes and nobody calls
I pray you’re flyin’ high when your engine stalls
I pray all your dreams never come true
Just know whereever you are honey, I pray for you.

Jaron & The Long Road To Love

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Come Back To Me- Plain White T’s

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I can’t wait to get this in the mail! I love Urban Outfitters, but they make me poor.

I have scattered thoughts...

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Update on my overly tweeted life:

I’ve been busy designing a new t-shirt line and trying to finish one of my economic classes early. I sleep very little. I hate suffering from insomnia. 

Follow me on Twitter: @iamfelipa and my clothing line: @aboclothing

Anything But Ordinary Clothing.

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Yesterday I decided that I wanted to start a t-shirt clothing company after seeing all the success while walking around Warped Tour. I would love to donate 10% of the proceeds to a worthy organization such as The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer or St. Judes. I’m currently in the stages of designing the shirts. Most if not all designs are so far being planned on being printed on fine quality American Apparel V-Neck T-Shirts. In addition to the shirts I’ve also wanted to make some bracelets like those friendship ones and maybe perhaps the Lance Armstrong type too.

Peace, Love & Music/Fashion.

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Pray For You-Jaron and The Long Road to Love

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Saturday, July 3, 2010.

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I love my new water bottle! So chic and environmentally friendly! All for $1.99 at Target.

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Your light must shine before others.

Mathew 5:16

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Breathless- Taylor Swift (Better Than Erza Cover)

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Looks like it’s going to be stormy afternoon

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We are always getting ready to live but never living.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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I saw Eclipse last night. It was quite legit! The security for the film was so intense though! I’m surprised I wasn’t frisked! We had to leave our cell phones and cameras in our cars or leave them in some baggy with the Ushers. THEN! We had our bags searched/checked with flash lights..THEN! proceeded towards the doors where were checked if we had wristbands. FINALLY! we got through the doors to be waned by those security sticks! They don’t even use those at the American Airlines Center OR Cowboys Stadium! I finally proceeded to my seat where I sat through about 30minutes worth of commercials and trailers. Then the movie came on! :Cue the background music:…The acting was sooo much better than the first 2 movies! They actually followed most of the book give and take on some scenes in the movie. The action was really good. It does have a lot of dialogue in the begging. More than there should have been in my view. There was alot of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson close ups. Which me likes! duh! I wished there was more of the graduation scene but they got the gist of it. The ending was good. No weird ending like the last movie. All in all I really enjoyed the movie! 

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Damned if I do ya Damned id I don’t- All Time Low

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'Give It Up to Me”- Shakira feat. Lil Wayne and Timbaland

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Shut it down-Drake featuring The Dream…A MUST LISTEN!

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"Red Light"- David Nail…EVERYONE MUST LISTEN! Such an awesome song! I love it!

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Till Summer Comes Around- Keith Urban

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Daughters- John Mayer

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[audio - si una vez.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Si Una Vez- Selena

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You’ve got a friend in Me.

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I better find your loving. I better find your heart. I bet if I give all of my love nothing’s gonna tear us apart. <3.


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Cry- Mandy Moore

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Absolutely (Story Of A Girl Acoustic)- Nine Days I love this song!


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photography |fəˈtägrəfē|: noun: the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.


This is what I really want to do aside from Public Relations which is something  I’m really passionate about. 

I’m looking to shoot some profile photo shoots for free right now. Then eventually when I move on from my point and shoot camera I’ll have enough money for a professional Sony or Nikon DSLR camera that I hope to buy in a few months.

Until then, Happy Friday.

P.S.: Tomorrow I get to work for Live Nation at the Center during the Lady Antabellum/Tim McGraw Concert. :) Might stick around for a little bit but not sure yet. 

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Airplanes (Remix)- Travis Garland

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Waka Waka- Shakira…(I had to post this..It’s stuck in my head!)

I think I have to work Saturday?

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Umm I think I have a job now…

Well I’ve been taking this Drivers Course online and it’s beyond boring! Gosh the things I have to do just to be able to get my drivers license. 

I went to Target yesterday and just about died when I saw this Sony DSLR Camera. It was on sale for $460…I soooo wanted to buy it but then realized I would be quite broke and so much for saving money for my car! ugh I guess it will have to!

I really want that freaking camera!

Need that camera!

I will get the camera!


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Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna)- Eminem

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Alejandro (World Premiere)- Lady Gaga

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Mi Pecado Eres Tu- Reik featuring Maite Perroni

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The best part of believe is the lie.

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YES! This is exactly what I’ll be getting :) But I think I’ll be getting it in purple.

Friday was such a great day :)

by Felipa Villegas, 11:19 AM

So yesterday I finally purchased my MacBook Pro I’ve been wanting for sooo sooo long now! finally! THEN! I got the phone call I’ve been waiting for; for like 3 days lol. I get to work all the best concerts this summer! Lady A, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, John Mayer, Jonas Brothers…etc, etc…OMG I’m so excited! I got my dream computer and my sorta dream summer job :). Oh I also saw Travie McCoy, 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship! They were AMAZING! All in all a great day all around :).

Until Next time….

Peace, Love, & Music….

P.S.: My mom agreed to let me get a tattoo :) Heck Yes! It’s about damn time! Don’t you think? 

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Highway 20 Ride- Zach Brown Band

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Halo-Mike Posner

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Don’t Trust Me- Mike Posner, Kid Cudi and 3OH!3

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"If there’s grass on the field then batter up"..

Some advice from some cougar lady…

New Goal...

by Felipa Villegas, 10:45 PM

My new goal is to get 60 minutes of physical workout everyday. I’m gonna do it!…Since I apparently can’t get a freaking job I might as well do something healthy and productive….

Just a little rant…

I hate when people complain about their job. Umm HELLO! Unemployment rate is at 9.5%! Many people in America are losing their jobs and their houses are being forclosed. Be greatful that you have a job! The day will come when you might (God forbid) be laid off and wont be able to afford to pay for things….

Ok done with my rant

Stay Classy.

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Weightless- All Time Low

Maybe it's a fall from grace....

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So I got back from vacationing in Mexico exactly a week ago. It was so much fun! I hate the travel though. It took a 22 hour drive to get to the first destination then a 5 hour drive to the next. Then! A 26 hour drive back home to Dallas! It was worth it. I got to see my dad, who which is thinking about moving to Canada.
Summer is just about over for me after this week. I start my online classes next week and I’m not looking forward to them since they are both economic classes! Boo!
Two of my best friends are leaving me for the WHOLE summer! That’s such a freaking bummer :/.
I need to find a JOB! If only I could do some blogging and get paid for it! Now that would be just AMAZING!!
Saturday should be a fun day. Going to my cousins graduation party! I’ll be the main photographer. This is like my dirt real gig so I’m pretty excited I’ll upload some photos after the party like maybe Sunday afternoon.


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Somewhere between here and there.

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[audio!3 - my first kiss (feat. ke$ha).mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

My First Kiss feat. ke$ha by 3OH!3

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[audio bieber - somebody to love.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Justin Bieber- Somebody to Love ft Usher

Quick blog.

by Felipa Villegas, 2:38 PM

Surving on $20 in another country. Live off candy. Take picture of my feet where I step foot on. This should be fun.
Peace Love & Music

P.S.: bummed that I can’t see FTSK today. Oh well another day.

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Paparazzi sung by a 12 yr old boy! it’s amazing!

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[audio - find your love.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Find Your Love- Drake

Summer is almost here!

by Felipa Villegas, 9:29 PM

What a wonderful weekend. Full of Ritas, family and friends. Had a wonderful mothers day with my mommy. Been spending my day studying for French and watching movies. Currently still in Dallas but going back to Arlington then back to Dallas then of to Mexico for 8days. That means I’ll be phoneless unless I get a phone in Mexico so I can text but eh I think I’ll survive.

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Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg- California Gurls

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Me Duele Amarte- Reik.

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Red Light- David Nail

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[audio Boys - Drowning In Your Love.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Drowning- Backstreet Boys

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Can’t Be Tamed- Miley Cyrus

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You Look Better when I’m Drunk- The White Tie Affair

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[audio - what about us.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

What About Us- Brandy

Last week of school before finals. FINALLY! I have horrible back pain! No class Tuesday or Thursday so I might walk around campus snapping some photos just for my enjoyment. I’m probably going to get some crazy looks but I don’t care. Keep a look out for my photos.

Peace, Love & Music

I am me. (just another little rant.)

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So I love being at home for like 10minutes then not so much. I hate being constantly compared to my older sister. It’s so annoying! I’m often refered to as the “the wild child”. I don’t think I am. Yes I do talk back. Yes I do speak my mind. That just makes me an individual. Not a “wild child”. I can’t stand being told to be more calm. I can’. I’ve always been a bit dramatic. I do overreact to things. No, I’m not going to change. That’s been my nature for the past 20 years I’ve been in existance. I have a short temper and can’t deal with this whole let’s talk it or let’s simmer. Umm, no. I just can’t deal with things like that. If I bottle things inside it will all eventually come out. I don’t go out of my way to be different, but I mean I’d rather be myself than having to fill someone elses shoes. I need my own apartment. TOO MUCH STRESS. Fin. Peace, Love & Music.

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All or Nothing- O Town…..I think I’ll keep posting old songs. I love Pandora!

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Lips Like Morphine- Kill Hannah

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<param name="movie" value="

A Different Side of Me- Allstar Weekend

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<param name="movie" value="

Haven’t Met You Yet- Michael Bublé


by Felipa Villegas, 10:25 PM

The most genuine, dorky, fun loving, cute, nice, and normal. I’m really happy to have this person in my life. Just keeps getting better.

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<param name="movie" value="

Airplanes- B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams and Eminem—>AMAZING SONG!

Just a little rant. Enjoy.

by Felipa Villegas, 4:29 PM

Quite funny how people get all offended by things I say. I’m quite blunt and for good reason. People need reality checks. I do it purposely to help the ones that actually need the truth and just to annoy people I don’t really like. I’m baffled by the fact that people honestly think I will lie to their face because they want to hear the lie so they feel better about themselves. “The best part of believe is the lie.” Eh, no. I honestly hate when people try to judge me and think they know me. Umm, one you don’t. There’s way more too me than I let you see. I only let people know one side of me unless I trust them. I don’t trust very many because people are to quick to judge me. I have nice things because I worked for them. No I don’t have everything handed to me. I’m quite sure alot of people think that but no. No I’m not materialistic. I just happen to enjoy the nicer things in life. Who doesn’t? People shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I know I judge people I’m not trying to say I don’t.
Stopping my rant here I could go on for quite a while.

Peace, Love, & Music.

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Girlfriend- N’Sync

I really need this semester to end so I can go on vacation just to start it up again in the summer.I need a job. I need to get a car. I’m not looking forward to the whole commuting to school thing. Just 2 more years! Really random but I still want my Digital SLR camera and my wrist tattoo. School has really been getting on my last nerve lately. I guess the end result will be worth all the stress. Ok I’ve been totally rambling……

Peace, Love, & Music

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I miss this….

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Airplanes- B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore

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The House That Built Me- Miranda Lambert

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Almost 21 but I still love these :)

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Guinevere- Eli Young Band.

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No Scrub-TLC

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Dance in the Dark- Lady GaGa

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I love my blinged out iPhone! :)

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My dog looking so cute :) to bad he’s evil!

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Lee Ann Womack- Last Call

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Annuit Coeptis: Look at the Otter’s Eye.

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I love love love this tea…just thought I’d let you guys know…and it’s only 99cents! What’s up!

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My dog is such a little divo?

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[audio boys - hey, mr dj (keep playin' this song).mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Hey, Mr DJ (keep playin’ this song)

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[audio - tearin up my heart(2).mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Tearin Up My Heart- Nsync

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Don’t Speak- No Doubt.

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What’s not to love about Cartier’s Charity Love bracelets?  In 2006, Cartier partnered with 24 high-profile and big-hearted Celebs including the likes of Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, and more!  Each satin cord signature bracelet has a dedicated Charity partner in a corresponding color, where the proceeds will benefit.

My version of the delicate bracelet inspired by this wonderfully chic and charitable initiative just so happens to be in Sarah Jessica Parker’s hue in blue which has partnered with UNICEF.  Hit up your local hardware store for small key rings and hex nuts for your version.  Be sure to singe the satin cord knots with a very quick burn using a lighter- but be careful!  Safety first! 

P.S.-Click here to download the PDF that shows you each Cartier Charity partner for the Love bracelets!

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[audio - Vanilla_Twilight.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Vanilla Twilight- Owl City

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Confession:  I’ve recently fallen madly in love.  Who’s my new lover you ask? Ohhhh, It’s Chanel’s Spring Couture collection.  My eyes were locked on these delicate tulle and lace frocks that were topped off with sweet and chic headpieces that made my heart go pitter-patter!  Between Uncle Karl’s new collection, Victor & Rolf, and Marchesa’s delicate drama, massive amounts of tulle and rosette details make me do pirouettes and pas de bourrée like a Prima Ballerina!

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love a little harder with a headpiece. All you need for this whimsy accessory is some scrap fabric, ribbon and a needle ‘n thread.

P.S.- Love is in the air!

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Safety is the name of the game when it comes to all things Fashion and Designer DIY.  Right now delicate metallic safety pins are all I can think about.  They are truly a marriage of fashion and function for all.  Versace’s Verses, Vena Cava, Moschino, Marc Jacobs and Tom Binns all look to the safety pin to adorn apparel, accessories, and jewelry with an incredible embellishment.

I picked up some gold-tone safety pins at my local hardware store.  Dollar Stores and Art stores carry as well.  Slip several pins together, creating clusters. Pin all over the collar and attached clusters to create a bold effect around your neck.  Get creative with colored safety pins and adorn other apparel and accessories!

PS- Pin it to win it!

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Hey, Soul Sister- Train.

Go see them!

Trend Alert! Sports Watches!

by Felipa Villegas, 10:56 PM

Sports watches

Technology is a funny thing. Remember those geek-chic calculator watches from the ’80s? Back then, Casio took time-keeping to a whole new level with PDA-like sophistication. (Dwight from The Office still wears his.) But these sleek selections shed the nerdy vibe in less than 60 seconds with their chunky straps, multiple dials, and glow-in-the-dark (without disturbing your neighbor at the movie theater) faces. On time is the new fashionably late.

(clockwise from the top left.)
1. Linde Werdelin, price upon request;
2. Alessi, $120;
3. Brera, $750;
4. Breil, $850; (888) 494-8463.
5. Nixon, $450;
6. Glam Rock at Saks Fifth Avenue, $1,525; (212) 753-4000 for stores.
7. TW Steel at Kenjo, $650; (212) 333-7220.
8. Hublot at Shapur Mozaffarian, price upon request; (415) 392-1200.

I have nothing more to say other than I have a headache. Temps pour moi de grandir.

Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet

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The symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga is so blatant that one might wonder if it’s all a sick joke. Illuminati symbolism is becoming so clear that analyses like this one becomes a simple exercise of pointing out the obvious. Her whole persona (whether its an act or not) is a tribute to mind control, where being vacuous, incoherent and absent minded becomes a fashionable thing.

Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet

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In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her husband if he cheats on her.

Via @Freaky Fact

Yeah. I think all the caffeine in my system really messed up my eating habits. I actually refrained from getting a Venti so I had a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot of expresso. My dinner consisted of a green apple, fritos and bean dip. Oh the life of a college student…

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Up- Justin Bieber (This sounds something like usher would sing…)

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That Should Be Me- Justin Bieber…..I have a cougar crush on him..Ha!

Today was a totally boring day. I seriously did 3 hours worth of Statistics homework and didn’t even finish.ugh. There was absolutely nothing on TV! No Mavs Game or Stars game!..Thank God Vampire Diaries comes back on with new episodes tomorrow..too bad both the Mavs and Stars play tomorrow. I really wish UTA would provide a DVR for days like tomorrow. I don’t like Time Warner Cable. I wasn’t able to watch Sidney Crosby vs Alexander Ovechkin today b/c there is no NHL Network. Boo!…

Random thoughts:

I forgot how much I love that song Another Try by Josh Turner. Also Wasted by Carrie Underwood.

I seriously think I should write a novel that’s loosely based on my life. I think it could be a New York Best Seller Book. Ambitious……

Peace, Love, & Music

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Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein==>kinda controversial…

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shake it- Metro Station…they broke up apparently here’s a video.

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Stay Here Forever-Jewel

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Make BETTER mistakes Next time.

Danny Gokey

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I don’t seek fame. I’ve felt I’ve been famous for years…Now I’m just a Fame Monster.

Lady GaGa

I’ve been studying for my midterms terms lately so there haven’t been many postings of my awesome life. Bryson went to Panama City without me. It’s alright though I heard it’s going to be rainy and colder than Texas :P. Let’s fast-forward to today…So today was an awesome day. Went to both of my classes and got extra credit for showing up. I gave someone a quarter today and found $5. Yes! Spring Break Began TODAY! I got my hair did. The only annoying thing about today was having to listen to Bed Rock like I swear 18 times! Can we get some different song on the Radio?!?!

Side Note: Listen to Alejandro and Speechless by Lady GaGa and Naturally by Selena Gomez and The Scene.


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Nothin’ On You- BoB ft. Bruno Mars

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Telephone- Lady Gaga feat Beyonce!

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I really want this camera and computer….Hoping to get it in August.

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You ask me who my hero is? I’ll tell you: My Reflection. You can quote me on that. Bang Bang.

Tylers Texas Bracelets. Love Them!

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$4.99 & $5.99 each! CHEAP!

Tylers Texas Heart Peace Braclets

Live To Love Apparel

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Haha my rooms a mess but I Love this tea and I like my shirt :)

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Digital Get Down- Nsync…

Anyone else notice how dirty this song really is?!? I totally didn’t notice it until this year. From the No Strings Attached Album I was so young and oblivious to what they were really singing about….

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I’m just left missing them…..

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Today- Garry Allan…Love this song! Everyone should listen to it.

New hair...It was time again..

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New Hair

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designer friends and designer drugs………

Gabe Saporta

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Give It Up To Me- Shakira feat Weezy

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Magnetic- B5 featuring Akon

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[audio gomez - naturally.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Naturally-Selena Gomez and The Scene

These stores were exposed by “The Today Show”…all I have to say to this is GROSS!<—video evidence!

Libra Horoscope

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Put yourself first; don’t be shy, be selfish!
You deserve pampering now and then. An opportunity you’ve been dreaming of will arrive soon — really soon, so prepare yourself. If you’re not sure about any part of what’s offered, however, don’t be shy about asking for some time to think it over — then get in touch with someone you know and love who’s qualified to help you make your decision. Something terrific is en route. All you have to do is recognize it, even if it arrives in disguise.

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Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars Feat Kanye West

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[audio Gaga - Second Time Around.mp3?plead=please-dont-download-this-or-our-lawyers-wont-let-us-host-audio]

Second Time Around-Lady GaGa. Never before released track!

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Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore from Brand New Eyes

$25 Lollipops? Yes!

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So apparently there are some $25 lollipops being sold called Sugar Factory Lollipops. You are pretty much paying for the stick. After you finish your lollipop you order just the top. They come in sets of three. Each set costs $12 and if you desire a different “stick/handle” you can buy those separately for $22-$25 each. Want to get some? Go here:

Sugar Factory Lollipops

Justin Bieber
MY WORLD 2.0 3/23

LOWDOWN: Just four months after releasing his debut, teen phenom Justin Bieber is rolling out the follow-up. The new disc leans R&B, from its influences (Boyz II Men, Usher, Anthony Hamilton) to its theme.


LOWDOWN: Drake’s LP is a reflection of how the upstart Toronto MC has become hip-hop’s new leading man. “I tried to capture every great moment I’ve had in the last year,” he says. “It’s triumphant.” To wit: He raps about a presumed love affair with Rihanna and his friendship with mentor Lil Wayne on “Fireworks.” Drake mostly eschewed big names in favor of home-town producers (Boi-1da, Noah “40” Shebib) and a collaboration with New York indie rockers Francis and the Lights. “It’s gonna be interesting,” he says. “I hope it’s pleasing to the ear.”

Maroon 5 

LOWDOWN: Maroon 5’s last album — 2007’s double-platinum It Won’t Be Soon Before Long — wasn’t exactly a bomb, but singer Adam Levine says he wasn’t happy with it. “It sounded more like other people than us,” he says. To switch things up, the band traveled to Switzerland to work with legendary AC/DC and Def Leppard producer Robert “Mutt” Lange. “There’s never been a more Mutt-friendly band than us,” he says. “He’s into pop, he’s an amazing rock producer, and he pushed us — really kicked my ass.” The result: a purposely eclectic third album that borrows from Motown (“I Can’t Lie”), country music (“Out of Goodbyes”) and Amy Winehouse-style throwback soul (“Give a Little More”). “This is more like our debut,” says Levine. “We’re less interested in moving the machine and more concerned with writing music naturally.”

Christina Aguilera

LOWDOWN: On her fourth LP, Christina Aguilera didn’t want to sound like herself. “I’m not interested in giving it this ‘Christina’ sound,” she says. “I want to make my voice more relaxed, less soulful.” So Aguilera invited synth-punk trio Le Tigre, Ladytron, singer Sia and M.I.A. producers Hill and Switch, among others, to her L.A. studio, where they cut tunes packed with futuristic synths and singsong chants. Aguilera got sentimental on “All I Need,” a ballad written for her two-year-old son: “It’s a sweet, sweet song.”

Katy Perry

LOWDOWN: “I want to evolve like Madonna,” says Katy Perry. “If I had to be the fruity pinup girl another day, I would jump off the Hollywood sign.” Perry’s follow-up to 2008’s smash One of the Boys has her re-teaming with hitmakers Dr. Luke and Max Martin and delivering more hypercatchy pop in the vein of “Hot N Cold” and her Number One single, “I Kissed a Girl,” while also delving into deeper matters: “My faith, my conviction and awe of the supernatural world.” And thanks to her recent engagement to Russell Brand, the album also boasts its share of love songs — 50 percent, by her estimate. Still, the pop tart hasn’t gone totally chaste. In the Prince-influenced “Dressing Up,” Perry coos, “You wanna pet my kitty?” “You’re such a dirty doggie” and “My cookie monster wants a taste,” of which Perry says, “I think those lyrics are cute!”

BREAKING NEWS! Lady GaGa Summer 2010 Dallas!

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Yes! It has been confirmed that Lady GaGa is bringing her Monster Ball Concert to Dallas, Texas this summer! :) So excited! Who’s going little monsters!?!?

New Song!

Go listen to this song called Magnetic by B5 feat Akon

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Party Animal By Akon -(Prod. by David Guetta) HOT NEW SONG!

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Over- Drizzy Drake’s New Single :)

What a day!

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Woke up late had Chinese food aka Panda for lunch. Then I played some soccer with these random guys outside. Guess I can say I got some exercise. Was a pretty day. Worried about my baby cakes Andy! Thought my life was going to end, but it didn’t he’s doing just fine now :). Meeting. Watched some of the Stars game..good lord that was a pathetic game! Also saw ABDC. Lady GaGa challenge! Did some stats problems and currently studying for french or attempting. Horrible headache! Tomorrow is going to be a good day! Dallas Mavericks Game! What’s up! I hope they make it a 10 game win streak :). Stopping the rambling….

Peace, Love & Music♥

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That boy is a m m m monster that boy is a monster er er er.

Want cheap sunglasses?..Check these guys out!

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For all your eye wear accessories fix!

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Put me on TV. I’ll make you millions. I have so much to say about things I’m surprised I haven’t written my own encyclopedia…

yours truly.

Fashion put it all on me...

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I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. So much fashion out there! I like to buy things but they have to be a reasonable price. At least I tell myself that because I know some of the stuff I buy really isn’t that reasonable. I like shopping at forever21 sometimes and then just other random stores…I’m so tired of Hollister, A&F, Aero, and American Eagle…people EVERYWHERE wears these brands! I mean can we have a little originality!


I have been sick lately so I haven’t been updating. I’m sooo much better now so here goes my rant…. So Last week was a complete waste! Totally sick! The few good things about it was being able to buy whatever I wanted and not having to worry how much I dropped and have THE BEST FRIEND in the world! I wished he lived closer but whatever. I went like 4 days without food. Not bueno. (Totally just made a wish because the clock was at 11:11pm)…anyways. I got my passport! Finally! I was being a slacker. Which by the way I’ve been totally slacking in school. I just can’t seem to focus! I got vacation on my mind! It’s funny how Never Shout Never is getting all big and I knew Christopher before that. I didn’t do so hot on my Stats exam to my not so surprise? Well that pretty much was today/past weekend. Oh I saw a movie too but I kept texting I had already seen this movie so eh. Totally looking forward to the weekend :).

Peace, Love, & Music.

Some what a crummy day.

by Felipa Villegas, 10:21 PM

I woke up in the morning def not feeling like P.Diddy. I went to Starbucks to keep me up in my ONLY class of the day. I didn’t study for my quiz but managed to get a 90. That was pretty awesome. What wasn’t awesome was having the snow flurries all up in my face while walking to class. I got back to my dorm and after an hour developed an ugly cough! boo! I diagnosed myself and took a Sinus Pressure pill. I think it’s my lungs that are hurting. Yuck! I then went to dinner with Jessica and had a pretty colorful jello. Then to the market where I bought some cold medicine that I think is finally taking affect as I type. Did my french homework, read a little bit for economics, and studied for statistics. I think I’m going to beast that test because I studied hard and did all the exercises. Watched part of the Canada vs Germany Hockey Game. Then started watching 16 & Pregnant. I’m going to catch some of the local and national news then heading to bed. I just want to rest and hopefully get better. Not such a long day tomorrow so I’ll probably take it easy read and do some economics homework and then looking forward to some USA vs Switzerland Hockey at 2pm on NBC.

Peace, Love, & Music.

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All is fair in Love and War.

John Lilly.

What a Productive day!

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Today I woke up feeling like P.Diddy. ha! No I didn’t but I will reference another song. I felt like today was going to be a good day. To my surprise it really was a good day. Totally needed that! I did my french homework and read for my communication class. Didn’t do statistics because I want do that tomorrow to keep it fresh in my head for Wednesday’s test. Actually did something for my Residential Hall. Jessica and I made posters that will hang in the great room. I feel accomplished. I totally did my part this time. Had Panda Express for Breakfast/Lunch and Chicken Nuggets and a Salad for dinner. Watched the Buried Life and My Life as Liz. Hoping that class gets canceled tomorrow but I doubt it. Although the weather man said it would start snowing around 3a.m. so I’m having a little hope here. I can’t wait to watch some more Olympic Hockey. It would be so legit if USA wins the Gold. Mavs Won! :). Ok enough ranting for today.

Peace, Love, & Music.

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I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.

John 14:27

I wished spring break would get here sooner!

by Felipa Villegas, 1:53 PM

Just 3 more weeks until spring break comes around. I’m so ready for a much needed time off. Not expecting to do anything exciting other than going to a Stars game. Maybe next year I can go to Floriday or South Padre. Talked about going to Montreal next summer with the family. That would be so legit!


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Today was busy. Enjoyed my classes for the first time this semester. I talked to Bryson for 2 hours (Thank God we have AT&T). I had fish for dinner. Sad that my baby Andy Cakes is sick. My PawPop is sick. He’s not doing so well. They already gave him his Last Rites by the priest. He has lived a long life and if God wants to take him now then there will be another angel in heaven soon. My dad’s birthday is tomorrow. Not the very happiest birthday’s for him because of my pawpop (his dad) and he was also my pawpops favorite child. Will spend some time doing homework. I was pretty preductive today. Updating tomorrow.

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College is like a stripper, lots of big promises to keep you putting money in the g-string but all you leave with is disenchantment & herpes.


Some must have fashions...

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So Everyone need these looks. Preppy Chic and Military Style. Go Get them!

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You receive anointing oil as a cross on your forehead when you get baptized. Then you receive ashes in the sign of the cross the rest of your life preparing ourselves to go to heaven for eternity. (This all means we are preparing for death.)

Father Jim

I went to church. what?!?

by Felipa Villegas, 9:55 PM

So I went to church for the first time in years! It was nice kinda freaked out by what the priest said though. I got the ashes on my forehead it. It was kinda hard and it felt like sinus pressure afterwords. Weird. Well I watched last few minutes of Team Sweden then I got into the shower. Had a delicious Strawberry Shortcake sunday :) Well that was my day. I’m trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow. Maybe my J’adore le paix shirt and distressed jeans.

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