Some what a crummy day.

by Felipa Villegas, 10:21 PM

I woke up in the morning def not feeling like P.Diddy. I went to Starbucks to keep me up in my ONLY class of the day. I didn’t study for my quiz but managed to get a 90. That was pretty awesome. What wasn’t awesome was having the snow flurries all up in my face while walking to class. I got back to my dorm and after an hour developed an ugly cough! boo! I diagnosed myself and took a Sinus Pressure pill. I think it’s my lungs that are hurting. Yuck! I then went to dinner with Jessica and had a pretty colorful jello. Then to the market where I bought some cold medicine that I think is finally taking affect as I type. Did my french homework, read a little bit for economics, and studied for statistics. I think I’m going to beast that test because I studied hard and did all the exercises. Watched part of the Canada vs Germany Hockey Game. Then started watching 16 & Pregnant. I’m going to catch some of the local and national news then heading to bed. I just want to rest and hopefully get better. Not such a long day tomorrow so I’ll probably take it easy read and do some economics homework and then looking forward to some USA vs Switzerland Hockey at 2pm on NBC.

Peace, Love, & Music.

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