I have been sick lately so I haven’t been updating. I’m sooo much better now so here goes my rant…. So Last week was a complete waste! Totally sick! The few good things about it was being able to buy whatever I wanted and not having to worry how much I dropped and have THE BEST FRIEND in the world! I wished he lived closer but whatever. I went like 4 days without food. Not bueno. (Totally just made a wish because the clock was at 11:11pm)…anyways. I got my passport! Finally! I was being a slacker. Which by the way I’ve been totally slacking in school. I just can’t seem to focus! I got vacation on my mind! It’s funny how Never Shout Never is getting all big and I knew Christopher before that. I didn’t do so hot on my Stats exam to my not so surprise? Well that pretty much was today/past weekend. Oh I saw a movie too but I kept texting I had already seen this movie so eh. Totally looking forward to the weekend :).

Peace, Love, & Music.

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