Just a little rant. Enjoy.

by Felipa Villegas, 4:29 PM

Quite funny how people get all offended by things I say. I’m quite blunt and for good reason. People need reality checks. I do it purposely to help the ones that actually need the truth and just to annoy people I don’t really like. I’m baffled by the fact that people honestly think I will lie to their face because they want to hear the lie so they feel better about themselves. “The best part of believe is the lie.” Eh, no. I honestly hate when people try to judge me and think they know me. Umm, one you don’t. There’s way more too me than I let you see. I only let people know one side of me unless I trust them. I don’t trust very many because people are to quick to judge me. I have nice things because I worked for them. No I don’t have everything handed to me. I’m quite sure alot of people think that but no. No I’m not materialistic. I just happen to enjoy the nicer things in life. Who doesn’t? People shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I know I judge people I’m not trying to say I don’t.
Stopping my rant here I could go on for quite a while.

Peace, Love, & Music.

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