Maybe it's a fall from grace....

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So I got back from vacationing in Mexico exactly a week ago. It was so much fun! I hate the travel though. It took a 22 hour drive to get to the first destination then a 5 hour drive to the next. Then! A 26 hour drive back home to Dallas! It was worth it. I got to see my dad, who which is thinking about moving to Canada.
Summer is just about over for me after this week. I start my online classes next week and I’m not looking forward to them since they are both economic classes! Boo!
Two of my best friends are leaving me for the WHOLE summer! That’s such a freaking bummer :/.
I need to find a JOB! If only I could do some blogging and get paid for it! Now that would be just AMAZING!!
Saturday should be a fun day. Going to my cousins graduation party! I’ll be the main photographer. This is like my dirt real gig so I’m pretty excited I’ll upload some photos after the party like maybe Sunday afternoon.


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