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I saw Eclipse last night. It was quite legit! The security for the film was so intense though! I’m surprised I wasn’t frisked! We had to leave our cell phones and cameras in our cars or leave them in some baggy with the Ushers. THEN! We had our bags searched/checked with flash lights..THEN! proceeded towards the doors where were checked if we had wristbands. FINALLY! we got through the doors to be waned by those security sticks! They don’t even use those at the American Airlines Center OR Cowboys Stadium! I finally proceeded to my seat where I sat through about 30minutes worth of commercials and trailers. Then the movie came on! :Cue the background music:…The acting was sooo much better than the first 2 movies! They actually followed most of the book give and take on some scenes in the movie. The action was really good. It does have a lot of dialogue in the begging. More than there should have been in my view. There was alot of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson close ups. Which me likes! duh! I wished there was more of the graduation scene but they got the gist of it. The ending was good. No weird ending like the last movie. All in all I really enjoyed the movie! 

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