Last Friday (August 27) was my first day of classes for this fall semester. I only had 2 though so it wasn’t so bad. Yesterday, which happened to be Monday (I always have a case of the Monday’s, refer to the movie Office Space if you want to know what I’m talking about) was my OFFICIAL first FULL day of classes! I had Journalism-Reporting from 8:00am-9:50am, Geology Lecture from 10:00am-11:00am, French 3 from 11-to noon, then LUNCH BREAK! After lunch was Geology lab that lasted only 15 minutes then some off time until I went to my world literature class from 2:30pm-3:50pm. Monday was sooo long! Let me back track a bit by saying I’m a commuting student this year! FUN TIMES! I leave my house at 6:15am to arrive to Arlington at 7:30am. Stemmons Freeway, 183, and 360 can be pretty ridiculous at times. I start it up all over again tomorrow except I don’t have lab but I’ll be in the library finishing up my lab so I don’t know if I should be excited. I’m excited for the weekend though! Friday concert/work watching Creed, then Saturday John Mayer! 

I think I’ll post a music clip of the song I can always listen to and not get bored with. :)


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All I can do is be me, whoever that is.

Bob Dylan

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)-Katy Perry

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"Like, OMG baby" by Dj Earworm Music Mashup

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Better than Her- Matisse

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"Hands"-The Ting Tings

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Silly Boy- Eva Simons (Dutch Artist that sounds like Rihanna and Lady Gaga)


My Heart Is Yours- Justin Nozuka

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After Tonight- Justin Nozuka

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Yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.

Bob Dylan

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The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.

Bob Marley

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e.l.f makeup the black-line is the “studio collection.” this line is $3!!! The brushes are amazing! They feel just like the MAC brand brushes! I truly love this line too! It has primer, concealers, tone correction etc etc! Pick it up at a target near you!

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I love this makeup! It’s called e.l.f. Eye.Lips.Face. The white line (notice the packaging) is literally just $1!!!!! So cheap! But does not skimp on quality! Find it at a target near you. Next up the black line….

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It’s easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you.

Bertrand Russell

People are being to sensitive about bullies. I know that it hurts kids feelings. I should know I was bullied when I was younger. People are cruel and it’s just the way things are. Bullies are the reason why people become successful in life. They shape people to be better than those who are mean and selfish. I bet Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were bullied. They are extremely successful. I think the kids from this generation have gotten way crazy. I don’t agree with this whole go kill yourself kinda bullying. What are these crazy kids watching. I think it starts with the parenting. Somewhere down the road they didn’t show them. I’ve never heard of kids being depressed in the 3rd grade. That’s bananas! I was pretty happy kid never going through these type of things. “Mean Girls” in high school never really existed. Now I turn on the news and people act just like them. What has high school become? Take in consideration I’ve only been out for 2 years. Also what’s with these all out brawls on each other?!? Maybe things have gotten out of hand. No more is “4 eyes” bullying. Now there’s cyber bullying. They need to turn it down a notch.


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Look for the girl with the broken smile

Maroon 5

This summer was ok. I went on vacation at the beginning of summer to visit my dad in Mexico and in Vancouver. I took 2 summer classes online no less. Never again. I hate online classes. I’m just not that type of learner. I guess I’d rather sit in a boring lecture half asleep then having the self-motivation to learn it on my own. I finally got a sweet summer job that I plan to keep throughout the rest of the year. I couldn’t have asked for a better job! Promoting, marketing and best of all I attend concerts for free. This summer has honestly dragged on for too long. I had plenty of fun with people. I’ve struggled to maintain my cool for too long. I need to get out and my way out is by learning and consuming myself in school and sports too, which by the way the Texas Rangers are doing amazing and have really gotten into baseball. Hockey and Basketball season is just around the corner which marks the beginning of fall! As I write this I’m already thinking about tomorrow. I guess I should stop. Oh and hey you, I wished you would stop writing to me. I can only deal with so much and you know my breaking point. That’s not very nice of you, but then again when were you nice to me?



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"2012"- Jay Sean feat Nicki Minaj

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Don’t waste your moments with people who don’t deserve a moment of your time.

Kanye West

After we have stopped communicating weather through text, aim, phone calls, voicemails etc. I think I finally can say I’m no longer bitter about how things abruptly ended after giving you chances to come back just like the song by The Plain White T’s- “If you come back to me I’ll be here waiting because I still believe in a love worth saving..” I never understood why you never wanted to make it work. Always had to mess with what was working and never really caring  until I finally stopped caring. I wouldn’t say after 9+months of being with you was a waste. There was some ups but too many downs that I don’t think I ever deserved to go through. I guess things happen for a reason and now I know what I want and what I believed I wanted then. You live and learn, I sure know I did. After getting that LONG email, I read through it like one of those other emails where I scan and delete because I don’t care. What was said and done it’s in the past and there’s no way I could ever make myself go back. I don’t care to go back, not anymore. Maybe if was earlier I would have responded but now what we had is nothing but a memory. I could never wish bad things but I don’t wish you well. I hope you can move on just as I have done. This is what I wanted to tell you if I had replied, but just replying to you would suck me into a universe I wish not be in. If you ever come across my blog then you will know this was for you. 

Forever & Always,


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"Another Try"-Josh Turner

I just finished watching the movie “The Other Guys” at a special screening. I generally love Will Ferrell movies but this one wasn’t all there. I think it was like his “Bewitched” movie. There so many forced jokes that they weren’t even funny! I was seriously disappointed considering I’m always excited to see his films. I wished he would go back to making films like “Old School, Night at the Roxbury, Taledega Night”… I honestly wouldn’t waste my money on going to watch this movie and thank goodness I didn’t and it was free :). The “funny parts” are literally the ones you see in the trailers that are aired on tv. To tell you the truth those weren’t even funny either. I think you should wait for it to go on DVD which I expect it to go quickly.


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Just an array of colors on my nails because I got bored…and I totally wanted to try out my new Matte Nail Polish by Essie!

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Hear it here first! Mine-Taylor Swift…Her new single off her new album Speak Now!

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It’s a backstabbing world honey.

Dan Layus

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Silly’s Pizza

I’m lookin’ to get a little crazy with the order here. Ya got a meatball hero?
Chicken cutlet? What’ya got?

ahh me wants!

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I love this burberry look!

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Don’t they just camouflage? :)

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